Top Three Causes of Wrongful Death

Top Three Causes of Wrongful Death

When carelessness and negligence on the part of one or more parties or when intentional behavior leads to the loss of life of another party, this is considered a wrongful death. There are several situations that can lead to wrongful death but some circumstances are more associated with the loss of life than others. Wrongful death cases are the most severe outcome of a negligence situation and the pain that loved ones left behind have to bear is tragic. When life is unexpectedly taken in a manner that could have been prevented, it makes it even harder for friends and family to comprehend.

Loved ones of a deceased individual that was taken from them due to negligence or through deliberate actions have rights. They can sue the liable parties on behalf of their lost family member. It is understandably hard to think of taking on a legal battle when you are grieving, but you are entitled to receive compensation if your loved one was wronged by another party and lost their life as a result. The Arizona wrongful death attorneys at ELG can help you during this challenging time by taking on the legal burdens on your behalf. You have the right to receive all the financial compensation necessary to cover critical losses you have had to endure like lost income and final expenses.

Top Three Causes of Wrongful Death

Automobile Accidents

Top Three Causes of Wrongful DeathWith more than six million car accidents taking place each year annually in the United States, automobile accidents make up a significant portion of death and serious injuries every year. In 2019, there were close to 130,000 total Arizona traffic accidents reported. Of the crashes reported that year, 911 were fatal. In the majority of automobile accidents, driver error and misjudgments are to blame.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Some of the most catastrophic accidents come by way of large, commercial trucks. Semi-trucks are huge and they weigh more than 20 times that of the average passenger vehicles. While there are specific guidelines set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as to driver work schedules, driver rest schedules, how to load cargo, and expectations on maintaining trucks, these policies aren’t always followed. Additionally, drivers can cause accidents if they are driving while distracted, fatigued, or inebriated.

Medical Malpractice

Outside of traffic accidents, errors made by medical providers and at medical facilities are the third leading cause of wrongful death. According to the numbers, more than 250,000 will die as a result of medical malpractice.

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