Understanding ADOT’s 2018 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report Findings

Understanding ADOT’s 2018 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report Findings

As a state agency committed to resident and visitor safety, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has taken steps to educate the public on safe driving practices. ADOT has conducted a thorough examination of crashes throughout the state to determine causes and find correlations between crashes and safety. These reports and findings help the agency digest the reality of what is happening on the roads and how to improve areas where there may be a weakness.

Through their published Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report, which is made public each year, crash reports that law enforcement has compiled are organized and analyzed. The incidents include all the crashes that take place on highway roads, city streets, rural roads, and reservation roadways. The results help ADOT figure out what activities or behaviors drivers can abstain from or engage in to improve safety on the roads and decrease the risks for serious accidents that result in injuries and fatalities.

2018 Report Findings

The good news about the latest report in 2018, is that the state saw a decrease in crashes as well as fatalities and injuries that result from crashes from the previous year. While these numbers showed good news for the state, the bad news was that total traffic deaths were on the rise, and increased by approximately 2%.

The key findings of the report include:

  1. Fewer deaths from crashes where alcohol was a factor, speed was involved, and for those that did not wear a seatbelt took place in 2018 versus 2017. In 2018, alcohol-related incidences had dropped considerably from 324 to 261 even though Arizona’s licensed drivers grew by almost 90,000 in 2018.  Also, the number of registered vehicles hit an all-time high at 6 million.
  2. Drivers and passengers who did not wear a seatbelt and were involved in car accidents also decreased in 2018.  However, those that did not wear a seatbelt still made up over a fifth of the total traffic deaths reported in the state.
  3. Motorcycle and bicycle fatal accidents decreased.
  4. Pedestrian deaths increased and the majority of these deaths took place in urban areas.
  5. Distracted driving caused a significant amount of accidents and was the cause of many fatalities. However, the exact numbers are unknown due to the parties involved either dying or simply not admitting their behaviors while driving.

Lessons Learned From The Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report

Understanding ADOT’s 2018 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report FindingsTraffic accidents can only be significantly impacted when drivers as a whole decide to engage in safe behaviors while behind the wheel. Driving safely is a personal choice that we can all make. If we make adjustments in our conduct and attitudes we will be better off for it as a society.

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