Understanding the Negotiation Process After an Arizona Injury Accident

Understanding the Negotiation Process After an Arizona Injury Accident

If you have been injured in Arizona by a negligent party you are entitled to sue for compensation to cover the costs of the damages you had to endure. The cost of your medical care, your medications, your personal property damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages may all apply in your case. Every accident is different and so when you bring your case to your Phoneix serious injury attorney, it will be examined and the damages that you sustained will be included in your suit. 

Each aspect of the personal injury claim process is important and requires experience and talent to manage effectively. Negotiations are a critical part of a successful Arizona personal injury claim that yields the highest amount of compensation. Insurance companies have highly-paid lawyers on their side working to devalue and deny claims so that they don’t have to pay victims. Understanding how to negotiate competently benefits victims by helping them secure the most money in their settlement.

How to Negotiate with an Insurance Company

Understanding the Negotiation Process after an Arizona Injury AccidentThe facts matter and when you have more on your side it makes your case that much stronger. When an argument for compensation is being made to pay for damages, all supporting evidence that is tangible and can prove the existence and cost of the damages should be utilized. Then you can discuss the non-tangible harm such as the emotional toll that was sustained or potentially strained relationships that resulted. If the emotional toll is reasonable and very credible it can also be incorporated into the determination of the value of a claim.

Negotiations aren’t always cut and dry with issues resolved and agreed upon quickly. The beginning of negotiations with an insurance company may happen by way of a demand letter that indicates how much money you are requesting. An insurance company will likely try and offer you a lower amount than you deserve, which is why you shouldn’t just readily accept their first offer. It is in your best interest to stick it out, be patient, and endure a bit of back and forth that could result in a higher settlement amount. 

Specifically, if your accident was catastrophic in nature, you may need a large settlement amount and even though what the insurance company offers you might look high enough, chances are it will be far below what you need to overcome your damages. This is precisely why working with an attorney is so important. Your Phoenix catastrophic injury attorney will know how to calculate an amount that is true to what you will need for your losses and will immediately know that an amount is too low when they see it.

Always make sure that each offer and counteroffer is written down and documented. It is critical that when an amount was agreed upon by both parties, that final settlement number is in writing. In the written settlement should be the agreed-upon number, the damages that are being compensated, and when the payment will be dispensed.

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While you do not need an attorney by law to negotiate a settlement if you aren’t seasoned and experienced in knowing how to effectively arbitrate you may sign off on a settlement that won’t pay for all the damages you incurred from your accident. Once you sign off on a settlement, it isn’t likely you can go back for more because the insurance company will consider your case closed. To avoid any pitfalls, the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG can help you with your claim. Call today to schedule a free consultation at (623) 877-3600.