Ways For Motorcyclists To Avoid Blind Spots

Ways For Motorcyclists To Avoid Blind Spots

Blind spots are very dangerous for motorcyclists because they are much smaller than a passenger vehicle, which makes it difficult to spot them. Serious life-threatening accidents can occur when motorcyclists are in the blind spots of passenger cars because they have minimal protection. These collisions can cause catastrophic injuries and change an individual’s life forever.

Identifying Blind Spots                                                

Blind spots are defined as the area around a vehicle where the driver cannot directly see what is around it. They are incredibly dangerous because if a driver is changing lanes in the path of a motorcyclist, this could lead to a collision involving serious injuries. The most common areas for blind spots include:

  • Rear quarter blind spots- These spots are located towards the rear of a vehicle on both sides. Individuals should turn all the way around to check these blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Front view blind spots- These blind spots are located near the front of the vehicle. They are influenced by the size and angles of the front pillars.

Many different blind spots are dependent on the type of vehicle and the size of the vehicle. Window pillars cause some blind spots while other blind spots are caused by the basic design of the car. It is important for everyone driving on the roadways to be cautious and always double-check before changing lanes.

Tips For Reducing Blind Spots

Motorcyclists should never assume that all vehicles on the road see them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,286 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2016, which is a 5.1 percent increase from the previous year. It is crucial that they drive cautious and defensive. They need to be aware of different safety measures to avoid dangerous collisions. If an accident does occur, a motorcyclist has a higher chance of sustaining serious life-threatening injuries compared to an individual driving a passenger vehicle. Some tips for motorcyclists to avoid being involved in a blind spot accident are listed below:

  • Drive Defensively- Always be on the lookout for surrounding vehicles and scan the area to keep track of the space around you.
  • Pass a Vehicle Quickly- When you are passing any type of vehicle, do it fast and don’t camp out in the left lane so you aren’t in their blind spots for a long time.
  • Avoid Blind Spots- Ride in front or behind a vehicle rather than the side of it to limit your time in blind spots. 
  • Wear Bright Colors- If you wear bright-colored clothing, you will make yourself more visible to other drivers, which can help you avoid blind spots and accidents.
  • Avoid Tailgating- Leave a safe driving distance on the roadways so you have time to react to unexpected situations.

Finding An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

Phoenix, AZ – Critical Motorcycle Accident on Thomas Road

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