What are the Legal Issues for Wrong-Way Drivers?

What are the Legal Issues for Wrong-Way Drivers?

Arizona wrong-way traffic accidents happen quite commonly. They occur in both the state of Arizona as well as across the United States. These accidents tend to be some of the most destructive and catastrophic because they often result in head-on collisions. Some of the reasons these car accidents take place are because a driver may not recognize where they are and unintentionally drive the wrong way down a road, be confused by a construction site’s diversion of traffic where they misjudge the correct path to drive, be inebriated in drugs or alcohol, be drowsy causing them to be inattentive, or allowing themselves to be distracted while driving. 

Alcohol-related accidents make up a large portion of all car accidents in Arizona, including those that are wrong-way accidents. It seems like with all the information we have it would make common sense to not drink and drive. Yet, this phenomenon still happens frequently across the United States. When it comes to wrong-way accidents, driving while incapacitated on drugs or alcohol is a leading cause of these incidents.

What are the Legal Implications for Wrong-Way Drivers in Arizona?

The reality is this, roadways have many safety signs scattered about guiding drivers on what to do. Whether it is a “STOP” sign, a “YIELD” sign, or a “WRONG WAY” sign, these warnings do exist. They aren’t made to fade into the background, they use vibrant contrasting colors such as yellows on black and white on red, for example, to dictate to drivers how they can safely travel through the area. 

On rural highways, many people feel free to speed on the open, less crowded roads. These roads can have many curves and turns which limits visibility, and it is easy to cross over the lane lines. It won’t take much for a car to drift into another lane on a curve and slam into another car coming in the opposite direction that they didn’t see.

Confusion on the roads can happen because a driver is unfamiliar with their surroundings. It can also take place when an older driver becomes disoriented and confused on the road. When they don’t know where they are or what their final destination is, they may accidentally turn into the wrong lane and cause a crash. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why a driver travels in the wrong direction down a road, if those actions result in an accident, that driver traveling on the opposite side of traffic will be held liable for the results of the accident they caused. Not only will the driver be civilly liable, but they will also likely be fined and obtain points on their license. 

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