What Are the Most Common Types of Car Wrecks in Arizona?

What Are the Most Common Types of Car Wrecks in Arizona?

Most car accidents occur in busy metro areas, where neighborhoods, numerous business access streets, and pedestrian traffic merge. Although, no matter where you’re located, you’re at risk of being involved in a car accident. After all, any location with traffic can be the site of an injurious or deadly collision. That said, two of the most common types of accidents in Arizona are intersection accidents and rear-end collisions. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of all vehicle accidents occur in intersections across Arizona.

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Car Wrecks Caused By Traffic Congestion and Rear-Ending in Arizona

11.20 What Are the Most Common Types of Car Wrecks in Arizona?Rear-end collisions were by far the most common type of car accident in Arizona last year. In fact, rear-end collisions made up nearly half of all multi-vehicle crashes, a third of motorcycle crashes, and almost half of all alcohol-related crashes. Rear-end collisions occur for a number of reasons, but typically, rear-end accidents happen due to excessive speed, tailgating, or intoxication and distraction.

It’s not always true that the rear-ending driver is at fault. If you are involved in a rear-end collision, whether you were the front or back driver, you should speak with an attorney right away. There are situations in which the back driver may not be entirely at fault for a rear-end collision.

Another common cause of rear-end collisions, as well as intersection collisions, is traffic congestion. Aggressive driving exacerbates congestion, as motorists may weave in and out of lines, tailgate, or change lanes to avoid a long line.

Does Distracted Driving Cause Most Car Accidents?

It goes without saying that distracted driving is a top cause of serious accidents in general, especially in intersections. Texting while driving can cause car accidents when drivers use their phones and aren’t paying attention to road signals. If other drivers brake suddenly, distracted drivers may rear-end another vehicle.

Authorities banned texting while driving in Arizona, but drivers should avoid using cell phones altogether while operating a vehicle.

Another common cause of accidents is a driver’s failure to yield, especially during left turns. In this scenario, the vehicle making the left turn bears the brunt of the damage, despite the fact that the left-turn driver is usually at fault. But if that driver has a passenger in their vehicle, they are vulnerable to severe injury or death. These collisions made up nearly 16% of traffic fatalities in Arizona in 2018.

However, speeding is arguably the most common reason for crashes. Thankfully, speeding is the most avoidable. Speeding is especially common in intersections. Drivers traveling through intersections may try to beat a yellow light or even run a red light when it’s recently turned.

Don’t speed, even if you’re running late. Studies show that speeding rarely saves sufficient time. And even if speeding did save time, it’s not worth your life or the lives of other drivers on the road.

Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Keep these facts in mind and drive defensively on the road to decrease your risk of an accident.

If you do sustain injuries in a wreck, however, contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can work as your liaison with insurance companies and help you organize the facts of your case. This allows you to make a quicker, easier recovery and explore your legal options with an attorney.

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