What are the Top Arizona Road Hazards?

What are the Top Arizona Road Hazards?

Driving is a risk, plain and simple. There are many variables that can cause even the safest driver to have an accident. You have no control over the environment or other drivers. Both of these factors can easily lead to an accident. Across the country, each region has it’s own unique hazards which can lead to accidents. Arizona is no different and our state also has some key hazards which can make driving more dangerous. 

What are the Most Common Hazards On Arizona Roads?

It is certainly best to be prepared and be ready for any unexpected challenge when you hit the road so you can better manage a situation should one arise. In 2019, there were 129,750 accidents total in the state. Out of these accidents, 982 people lost their lives while 53,809 were injured. Compiling information from accident reports, it is clear that there are three top hazards that are responsible for a vast amount of Arizona car accidents.

Debris can be anything that is on the road obstructing travel. When you are caught off guard by a piece of debris on the road your knee-jerk reaction would be to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting it. This could cause you to hit an object or another car. You may not even see the debris on the road and if it is sharp it could pierce your tires and cause a blow-out or lead to a flat tire which is also unsafe to drive on. This just another reason why staying alert and focused on the road, avoiding distractions, and not driving when you are tired or impaired is so important.

Broken roads, potholes, and inconsistencies with the pavement is another major factor behind crashes in Arizona. While many of our roadways are wide, open, and vast, we get plenty of traffic. Truckers, commuters, and tons of visitors all cause wear and tear on the road. If the road isn’t up-to-date with maintenance, it can have any defect that can put you at increased risk for an accident. Like with debris, staying alert to road conditions will help you see problems with the surface allowing you to make the proper adjustments to your path in order to prevent hitting it.

Arizona’s unique landscape is not only beautiful, but it is home to many forms of wildlife. Animals however don’t have the best reasoning skills and there are instances when their behavior is erratic and unpredictable. An animal can easily run out into the road and cause a car accident. If you spot animals in the distance or on the side of the road, keep a watch on them. Anticipate that the animal may make a move such as darting out into the roadway unexpectedly so that if they actually do this, you are ready to respond safely.

Should You Speak with an Arizona Car Accident Attorney?

What are the Top Arizona Road Hazards

Road hazards in Arizona are one of the top reasons for accidents. Victims of road hazard incidents often feel confused or feeling like they are left with few options for legal recourse.

If you or a loved one has suffered an accident due to one of Arizona’s road hazards, please call the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG. You can easily schedule your free, no-obligation consultation at (623) 877-3600. Let’s discuss your accident situation and your legal options.