What Are the Top Causes of Arizona Dump Truck Accidents?

What Are the Top Causes of Arizona Dump Truck Accidents?

If you live in an urban area that continues to grow or even if you live in a more rural area, there are still construction projects that require the use of a dump truck. Dump trucks are essential to many heavy construction sites because they can bring in materials and haul away waste. Dump trucks are large, heavy, and the design of these massive vehicles along with the type of debris that they haul make them a danger to workers on the construction site as well as any cars driving near the construction site. Occupants of a passenger vehicle that are the victim of being hit by a dump truck are likely to sustain severe bodily harm and personal property damages. 

Large truck accidents often lead to massive devastation simply because of their size and weight. Specifically, when a large truck like a dump truck collides with a passenger vehicle the smaller private vehicle will bear the brunt of the damages because a dump truck is significantly larger. Depending on the details of the accident, a victim of an Arizona dump truck accident could be entitled to receiving a high settlement amount to account for all of the damages they had to endure. The Arizona large truck accident attorneys at ELG can help victims of large truck accidents in Arizona get the most compensation possible from their Arizona personal injury claim.

How Do Dump Truck Accidents Happen?

What Are the Top Causes of Arizona Dump Truck AccidentsDump trucks can weigh as much as 30,000 pounds which is substantially more than the average sedan which weighs in at 3,000- 4,000 pounds. These construction site trucks can inflict serious devastation to other cars they hit. Dump trucks can be difficult to operate and control because they aren’t easily maneuvered and depending on what they are hauling they can be extremely unsteady. Many times, construction sites themselves also have their own perils like uneven surfaces. They also have many other moving construction vehicles, people, and materials to navigate around. All of these factors make driving dump trucks unpredictable as to if they will tip or crash into another party.

Some of the factors that account for dump truck accidents in Arizona include:

  • The contents a dump truck is transporting and how it is loaded.
  • Simple driver error through being inattentive or drivers that are improperly trained and who don’t check the many blind spots the vehicle has.
  • A reckless driver that has alcohol or illicit substances in their system.
  • Unintentional dumping of contents before a driver is ready poses two problems, the contents are now hazards on the road and an accidental release of the contents can also cause the truck to tip.
  • Malfunctioning parts or defective components.
  • Debris from the dump truck falling off of the truck and smashing into others.

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