What are Window Tinting Laws in Arizona?

What are Window Tinting Laws in Arizona?

Tinted windows serve a greater purpose than making your car look stealthy and sleek. Places like Arizona where the sun is strong and the temperatures get high, a tinted window can provide a shield from the intense rays beating down. The temperature in a car rises rapidly and can get very hot, up to 200 degrees inside the car. This will fry an egg, melt plastic, and erode your vehicle’s interior. 

It makes sense to have tinted windows in our region of the country, but there are limits to how dark you can go. If your tint is too dark, it will cause you difficulty seeing clearly while you are driving. This is dangerous. The state of Arizona also has limits put in place by the government on how much tint you can have on your windows.

What Is The Law In Arizona For Tinted Windows?

Window tint is explained by darkness and reflectivity as well as Visible Light Transmission. VLT determines the strength of the tint by how much light it will let into your car. Arizona Revised Statute 28-959.01 outlines what is legal for tinting your car’s windows. Those who own a sedan, SUV, or van must follow the following guidelines:

  • Over 33% VLT is required for front windows located on the side of your vehicle.
  • The back windows located on the side and the rear window has more flexibility and you can go as dark as you want.
  • When the back windshield is tinted there must also be dual side mirrors.
  • Both the front and the back-side windows can be up to 35% reflective.
  • There should only be a non-reflective tint on the front windshield above the AS-1 line.

Colors such as amber or red are unlawful in the state of Arizona. In order to use a specific tint that has a particular color or darkness grade, one must have a medical exemption. These laws have some wiggle room when it comes to enforcement of these tint laws, so don’t be surprised if officers respond differently.

What Is The Darkest Tint On The Market?

What Is The Law In Arizona For Tinted Windows?The darkest window tint is that which Limos use. A limo tint has a VLT of 5%, meaning that it allows very little light into the vehicle. It is against Arizona law to use this strong tint on the front side windows or the windshield of your SUV, passenger car, or van. If you really want that extra dark look, you have the ability to use it on your rear side windows as well as the back windshield and be ok with the law.

If you are hit by a driver with heavily tinted windows, they may not be legal. When the tint is so dark, the driver has an inability to see well while they are driving which poses a great risk on the roads. After you call the police officer to the scene they will make the determination on the window tint of the other party. They will also write up an official report naming who they believe is responsible for the accident.

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