What Driving Habits are Dangerous?

What Driving Habits are Dangerous?

It goes without saying that following the rules of the road when you drive is imperative. If we are being honest with ourselves, even when we try to be a safe driver we don’t always hit the mark every single time. There are always those out there who will ignore safe driving practices. Drivers who don’t engage in safe driving techniques could be doing so for a variety of reasons. They may not be properly trained as a driver, they may have become lackadaisical with their driving if they have never been in an accident, they may simply just be reckless drivers.  All that being said, which poor driving practices come with the most risk? 

What Are The Most Unsafe Driving Practices?

  1.  Speeding is a proven way to increase the severity of your injuries or your chances of death in an Arizona car accident. Driving at excessive speed is reckless and dangerous. The speed limits that exist on our roads are thoughtfully put forth due to many considerations. The size of the road, the condition of the road, how many turns the road has, the number of carriageways, the location of the road such as if it is a residential neighborhood, are all used to determine what a safe speed is for any given road. It doesn’t matter why you are speeding when you feel a sense of urgency that influences you to drive faster than the posted speed limit you are putting yourself, your passengers, and others around you at increased risk of harm. Pedestrians tend to be the highest group affected by speeding drivers. Pedestrian deaths in accidents with cars are highly associated with speeding as a factor.
  2. Ignoring traffic signs and signals is hazardous. Just like speed limits, traffic signs are strategically placed for a reason.  Ignoring a stop sign or yield sign could result in an accident. Other cars and pedestrians are also following traffic signs and signals and when if they get the green light to go ahead, for instance, and you are running a red light the result could be catastrophic. Even yellow lights should be taken seriously. It is very common to run the yellow light instead of slowing down. The yellow light cautions you to reduce your speed and come to a stop. You can’t know how long the light is at every intersection you go through, so to be safe slow down and stop if yellow turns red. Running lights and signs doesn’t just put you in jeopardy for an accident, you could also be pulled over by a cop.
  3. Using a cell phone to make calls or text while driving distracts you from the road. Distracted driving is highly dangerous and heavily associated with serious car accidents. Anything that takes your mind off of the road, your eyes off of the road or your hands off of your steering wheel is considered distracted driving by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  4. Driving slower than the speed limit also puts you at risk of an accident. Other cars will be driving at least the speed limit, they could come upon you too fast and crash.
  5. When turning or changing lanes, use your signals at all times. You must indicate your intentions to other drivers otherwise they will be less likely to make adjustments on the road.

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