What Happens if You Were Hit By an Arizona U-Haul Truck?

What Happens if You Were Hit By an Arizona U-Haul Truck?

When you need to move your belongings from one place to the next and your personal vehicles aren’t large enough to do the job, it is likely you will look into rental vehicles for temporary assistance. U-Haul is a popular moving truck rental company that provides many options in terms of sizes of trucks to accommodate how much or how large the cargo a person wants to transport is. 

Even the smallest sized U-Haul truck is still much larger and bulkier than the average passenger vehicle. When a driver rents a U-Haul and is unaware of how to properly and safely drive the vehicle they can pose a substantial danger to everyone else on the road. Because these trucks are bigger, they have the potential to inflict more injuries and harm in the event of an accident. 

If you were hit and injured by a U-Haul driver, it is important that you secure a fair settlement for the significant damages you suffered. The Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG can help you build a strong Arizona personal injury claim and fight on your behalf so that you see a full settlement that accounts for all the costs you are entitled to receive. The Spanish-speaking, bilingual Pheonix serious injury attorneys at ELG are dedicated to providing victims of Arizona large truck accidents with the legal counsel they need to see their full legal justice.

What Should You Do After an Arizona U-Haul Accident?

What Happens if You Were Hit By an Arizona U-Haul TruckLike with any traffic accident, it is important to stay safe. If you are in an unsafe area such as in the middle of a busy highway and you have the ability to move off of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic that should be done first. If you are able to move about, asses everyone who was involved in the accident to see if immediate medical aid is needed. If the situation is severe, make a call to 9-1-1 for professional medical intervention and assistance. 

After a safety check and related actions have been taken, call the police and make sure to file an accident report. The driver of the U-Haul truck will have to connect with U-Haul to report the incident, and the way U-Haul responds depends on the details of the accident. If the truck is still operational the way the driver will proceed will be different than if the truck cannot be driven. 

When individuals rent U-Haul trucks, they have the option of buying extra insurance. If they purchased that extra layer of insurance, you may be working with obtaining a settlement for the accident through that provider. However, if the driver did not purchase that insurance, the next place to look would be their personal automobile insurance. There are times when their personal insurance provider will not provide coverage. So obtaining compensation for your damages can get complicated fairly quickly.

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