What Happens When You Don’t Feel Well Enough to Go Back to Work After Your Accident?

What Happens When You Don’t Feel Well Enough to Go Back to Work After Your Accident?

You have been injured in an Arizona serious injury accident and you have been following all the doctor’s orders and going to every appointment. You are recovering enough so that your doctor says it is safe to go back to work. The problem is while you were medically cleared by your doctor, you don’t feel well enough to handle work whether it is because you are still experiencing regular pain or you are just not up to the task of the full requirements of your job. What are your options when you are pursuing an Arizona personal injury claim?

The personal injury claim process can be challenging and every case is different. When you work with the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG you’ll get every question about the personal injury claim process answered as well as a strong legal advocate on your side. The Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG have a proven successful track record of providing the highest quality legal counsel to victims of injury accidents in Arizona. Our Spanish-speaking bilingual Phoenix personal injury attorneys are here to help you with your Arizona personal injury claim so that you see the best outcome possible.

What Are Your Options When You are Not Ready to Go Back to Work?

What Happens When You Don't Feel Well Enough to Go Back to Work After Your AccidentIt is not uncommon for a doctor to evaluate a patient and determine that they are cleared and recovered enough to be able to return to work. The problem with this is that the only one who really knows how well a patient feels is the patient themselves. So if you were given the OK to go back to work but you just don’t feel up to it, you have options. 

You aren’t held to or forced to only adhere to one doctor’s opinion. You can get a second opinion from another medical professional if you disagree with your current doctor’s diagnosis. The second doctor may also say you are well enough to work or they may agree with you and say you should take some more time off. They could even say that you could return to work but with some specific restrictions. If a second doctor’s opinion is that you are well enough to go back to work but you need to restrict certain activities while at work, then you would need the doctor to write you a note detailing those limitations so that you can provide the information to your employer.

It is always recommended that when a person is pursuing a Phoenix personal injury suit that they limit social media activity or just completely stay off of it altogether. Posts on social media can be very detrimental to personal injury cases. For example, when you have indicated that you need more time off or that potentially you need more medical treatment for your injuries, and if you are under restricted activity it isn’t wise to post pictures of yourself bungee jumping. 

Do You Need Assistance with Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

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