What is Wheel Cramping?

What is Wheel Cramping?

When you park on a slope and are near a curb, do you cramp your wheels? Cramping your car’s wheels means that when you are parking on a slope with a curb you turn your wheels into the curb before you exit your vehicle. While cramping your car’s vehicle isn’t mandatory everywhere, there are cities where it is required. If you fail to do so, you could risk a ticket or worse. Without cramping your wheels you risk that if your car’s brake system fails, your car can roll down the hill and slam into other objects or people. If your car causes damages, you are likely to be held liable for them.

What is the Purpose of Cramping Your Car’s Wheels?

What is Wheel CrampingYou count on your car’s braking system to work as expected and keep your car in place no matter where you park. Even when you are on a steep slant next to a curb you expect that you should be fine by just engaging your brakes. Most car’s brakes will work correctly and be safe for the public, but there are times when brake systems can fail. When you cramp your car’s wheels into the curb you are basically adding a backup or extra layer of protection against your car dangerously speeding down the hill. With the car’s wheels cramped, should a problem arise in your car, your car will roll into the curb, not roll out of control down a steep descent.

An argument can be made against you that if your car was correctly parked on a hill with the wheels cramped, it wouldn’t have descended down the hill and caused the destruction. Potentially, if your brakes failed due to a defect, there may be a case to be made against the manufacturer. Similarly, if there were mistakes made on behalf of your mechanic in how they installed your brakes, potentially they could be held accountable. However, this argument against your mechanic may be a tough one to make and you will likely need to have just had the brakes replaced for this defense to be made.

While Phoenix car accidents that happen with a vehicle that has no occupants are rare, they still can happen. If you are traveling it is a good idea to review the local rules and regulations of the place you are visiting if you are not familiar with them. This saves you from doing something that violates those ordinances unintentionally which could end up with a fine or your car being impounded. You certainly don’t need that headache. 

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