What Locations Have the Highest Amount of Fatal Traffic Accidents?

What Locations Have the Highest Amount of Fatal Traffic Accidents?

Fatal traffic accidents happen every day around the globe. In 2019, there were 911 fatal Arizona traffic accidents in the state resulting in 982 lives lost. Anyone can get behind the wheel and get into an accident that has devastating results. Even the most responsible and veteran drivers are not immune to a fatal car crash. If you lost a loved one in a fatal Arizona car accident, you have the right to obtain financial compensation by filing an Arizona wrongful death claim.

The Phoenix wrongful death attorneys at ELG have a tremendous amount of compassion for families who lost a loved one in a crash. We understand that money isn’t going to take your pain away after you suffered a loss, but at least you can have some amount of legal justice for the loss of your loved one. A settlement can also help you pay for burial expenses, the grief you are experiencing from your loss, and provide support when your loved one’s income was necessary for your home to function.

Where Do Fatal Accidents Happen the Most?

What Locations Have the Highest Amount of Fatal Traffic AccidentsThe following statistics illustrate the most dangerous places and regions of the world for drivers:

  • According to the World Health Organization, low-income countries have a far higher rate of fatal car crashes than the rates reported by high-income countries.
  • Rural areas were home to more than 50% of fatal vehicular deaths in 2016. That year, individuals living in rural areas only made up 21% of the population but they had 60% of all the fatal crashes.
  • There was 222 fatal work zone crashes in 2017 that involved either a large truck or a bus. Fatal work zone traffic accidents increased in 2017 by 2% from the previous year.
  • Fatal motorcycle accidents happen more often in rural areas by a large margin. Approximately 60% of fatal motorcycle accidents take place in a rural location versus 38% taking place in a more densely populated urban area.
  • Urban areas are the most dangerous area for bicyclists where 79% of all fatal bicycle accidents take place. Specifically, intersections are the most treacherous as they account for 37% of all the bicycle accident deaths.
  • Fatal pedestrian accidents are also more prevalent in urban areas. In 2018 pedestrian accidents in urban areas accounted for 81% of all pedestrian deaths. The elderly are the most affected demographic for a fatal pedestrian accident. Elderly individuals account for 40% of all pedestrian accident fatalities. Individuals who are 70 years of age and older are the most vulnerable group.
  • Fatal crashes that happen during inclement weather will happen most often on the pavement, and 46% of all these accidents will be during rainfall.

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The loss of a loved one from a crash is not just emotionally traumatizing but it can also have other negative implications for the family members who are left behind. If the deceased was the breadwinner, the family could face significant financial strain trying to make up for that loss of income. Children lose mentors and guidance when a parent dies and a spouse who losses their partner now has to handle all the family’s affairs by themselves. 

Fatal accidents require the most skillful and experienced Phoenix wrongful death legal counsel so that loved ones are fairly compensated for the aftermath of losing a loved one. Call the effective Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation.