What Must a Pool Owner Do to Keep Swimmers Safe in Arizona?

What Must a Pool Owner Do to Keep Swimmers Safe in Arizona?

It is almost a necessity to have access to a swimming pool or swimming hole in Phoenix. June through September are by far the hottest months reaching temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures in Pheonix warranting swimming also stay warm enough through most of the rest of the year with the exception of December through February. Swimming pools offer residents and visitors a break from the staggering heat. But pools also can also be dangerous leading to Phoenix drowning accidents for those who frequent them.

If you have a loved one that drowned and lost their lives or drowned and sustained serious injuries and emotional trauma from the incident, an experienced and resourceful Pheonix premise liability attorney will be helpful in pursuing compensation. 

What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Arizona Premise Liability Incidents?

Premise liability is when a person is injured or loses their life in an accident on another entity’s property. When you were injured or if you lost a loved one in an accident that happened on another individual or business’s property you may have a strong premise liability case. Some questions that must be answered to determine the validity of your case include:

  1. Was the victim of the accident on the rightfully and legally on the property where the incident took place?
  2. Was the environment dangerous or were the conditions unkempt showing that the property was not properly maintained?
  3. Were any hazards or dangers on the property hidden and not visible for a person to reasonably avoid?
  4. Was the owner of the property aware that the hazardous condition on the property existed?
  5. Were there warning signs from the owner to others about the hazardous condition on the property?
  6. Was the condition of the property the exact reason for the victim’s injuries?

Because there are so many parts to proving premise liability cases, they can be complex compiling all necessary documentation and evidence. For swimming accidents, it is the responsibility of the pool’s owner to take reasonable precautions to keep others who would be using the pool safely. Drowning in a pool can happen at any time and quickly too. Some of the signs of a person drowning may not appear like distress to the untrained eye until it is too late. Listed below detail a handful of steps pool owners should do to keep their pools safe:

  1. Having a gate high enough to prevent children from being able to get into the pool.
  2. Covering pumps and drains to avoid unnecessary injuries to pool-goers.
  3. If there is a known, present danger or hazard in and around the pool, swimmers should be clearly warned about these issues and the issues should be corrected or in the process of correcting.
  4. First-aid and a phone should be close so that the appropriate responders can be reached in the event of an accident in the pool.

Do You Need The Assistance Of A Phoenix Premises Liability Attorney?

What Must A Pool Owner Do To Keep Swimmers Safe In ArizonaChildren are very high-risk for drowning accidents and should always be watched while swimming. Out of every ten people that die from unintentional drowning each day in the country, two will be young children under the age of 15. If a pool owner was negligent in their management or maintenance of a pool causing it to be unsafe for use and you or your family were injured or worse, the Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG are here to help you see your full legal justice.

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