What to Do After a Bicyclist Accident in Arizona

What to Do After a Bicyclist Accident in Arizona

In 2018 in the state of Arizona there were 1,279 bicycle accidents that caused 1,182 injuries. It is important for bicyclists to be aware of the dangers that exist for them when they are on a ride. They are much harder to see for drivers and with distracted driving accidents on the rise, bicyclists are at increased risk for collisions with cars. 

Should you be riding your bike and be injured from a car that hits you, it is important to know how to respond. You will need to seek medical attention and obtain a treatment plan for your recovery. Then you will be best served by obtaining legal representation by an Arizona bicycle accent attorney at ELG so you can obtain the most compensation for your damages. 

Arizona Bicycle Accidents 

It is easy to be shocked and overwhelmed by an accident. It is important that you know what to do when an emergency arises. These are steps to take when you have been in an accident as a bicyclist.

  1. Obtain the information of the driver by asking to see their driver’s license and ask for their insurance information. If there are witnesses to the accident ask them if they would be willing to give you their contact information and provide a statement.
  2. Keep your communication with the driver minimal. After the accident, your Phoenix accident attorney will be the point of contact for all matters regarding the accident. Be aware that anything you say or how you behave can be used against you. When it comes to your settlement, the insurance company is going to do whatever it can to put the guilt on you for the accident.
  3. Writing down your story as soon after the accident occurs, so it is fresh in your head is best advised. Remember all the details of the accident and anything that the other driver said. Record the model of the car and the appearance of the driver. If the driver tries to deny blame when they apologized to you for the accident you have more evidence against them.
  4. Contact the police to record your side of the story and to take down an official description of the accident scene. If you have an officer supporting your side of the story you will have a much stronger claim.

Where To Find A Bicycle Accident Attorney In Arizona

What To Do After A Bicyclist Accident In ArizonaWhen it comes to filing a claim, you should use the help of an experienced bicycle accident attorney. This legal professional will be the one who will be in contact with the motorist and the insurance on your behalf. It is important that you are properly defended and that your legal rights are protected. Bicyclists are very common in Arizona and in Phoenix and because of this ELG has extensive experience providing legal representation to bicycle accident victims.

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