When are Pedestrians Liable for Arizona Accidents?

When are Pedestrians Liable for Arizona Accidents?

There were more than 127,000 crashes that took place in Arizona in 2018. Without a doubt, when a car collides with a human body, it is the human body that takes on the brunt of the damage. Pedestrians are no match for 3,000+lb. automobiles. While drivers must be alert to their surroundings and drive both cautiously and safely, drivers are not always responsible for pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian behavior can be a contributing cause of an accident. Everyone who uses our roads has a responsibility to follow the rules and walk, ride a bicycle, or operate their vehicles appropriately.  

Some behaviors that pedestrians engage in which can cause accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Darting out into the road or stepping in front of traffic
  • Walking alongside highways
  • Not using crosswalks
  • Walking out into streets intoxicated

If it is proven that a pedestrian did anything that was listed above, and a collision resulted, they can be held liable for the accident. In Arizona, there are laws governing pedestrian behavior and when they are violated, the pedestrian may be legally responsible for the aftermath of their actions.

What are Pedestrians Not Allowed to Do in Arizona?

Jaywalking is widely unacceptable across the country. According to Arizona legislation, pedestrians may not cross a roadway if they are not in a designated crosswalk or intersection. Pedestrians must follow the signals in intersections guiding them on when it is safe to cross, or in the absence of signals, watching traffic to see when it is safe to proceed. Doing otherwise is considered “jaywalking” and that results in an Arizona pedestrian accident, then the pedestrian may be held liable for the crash.

Pedestrians who walk out into traffic outside of a crosswalk or intersection without taking into consideration how fast or close the cars on the road are driving can cause traffic accidents. If they put their bodies in the road without enough reasonable space for a driver to notice them and stop, their actions can lead to a collision and they can be held liable for it happening. This is true across the state, however, there are cities in the state that have specific laws about jaywalking. Therefore it is always wise to check local jurisdictions’ laws before you visit.

Intoxicated pedestrians are highly susceptible to accidents that result in serious injuries and death. Driving while drunk or roaming the streets while drunk is risky as you do not have full control of your body and mind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly half, or 48% of all pedestrians who died in traffic accidents in 2015 were impaired from alcohol consumption or hit by a driver that was driving drunk. Around 34% of fatal pedestrian accidents had pedestrians that had a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit for drivers.

If an intoxicated pedestrian fumble off of the walkway and into the road causing a crash, they may easily be found to be negligent in their actions. As such, they are the reason that the accident took place and so they will assume responsibility for the accident.

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