Which Time of the Year is the Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Which Time of the Year is the Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Driving is always a risk because you can only control your own behavior and you cannot control unexpected hazards that appear on the road or how responsible others will be when they drive. Even though the potential for a car accident always exists, there are certain times of the year that have a higher rate of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when looking at data over a 24-year period the following trends were seen:

  • The summer had 29% more fatalities from car accidents than the winter months.
  • The most deadly months for fatal traffic accidents are May, June, July, August, September, and October.
  • December is the most treacherous month to travel in the winter with the most wintertime fatal crashes.
  • There are 20% more miles traveled on the roads in the summer.

In specific, the Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety reports that August tends to the most dangerous out of all the months of the year. In 2013 there were close to 33,000 deaths from crashes which were higher than any other month that year. When you are in a car accident in Arizona, pursuing compensation will come by way of an Arizona personal injury claim. The Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG work solely on personal injury cases and have helped many victims in Arizona obtain a fair settlement for their damages.

Why are the Warmer Months so Deadly?

Which Time of the Year is the Most Dangerous for DriversThere are many factors that go into why there are more deaths from car accidents during the warmer months than the colder months. First, people tend to drive more in the summer for trips and vacations and overall there are also more people driving on the roads in the summertime. In addition to the increase in drivers on the road who are driving more often, there are more motorcyclists on the road when the temperatures are warmer.

Motorcycles are notorious for fatal crashes. Due to the lack of surrounding protection, a motorcyclist has a much higher risk for very severe injuries and death when they are in an accident. This vulnerability is even more pronounced when a motorcyclist doesn’t wear a helmet. In 2017, there were over 5,000 motorcyclists that died in crashes. Death from a crash for motorcyclists is 27 times more likely than dying in a crash for an occupant of a car.

Another factor that is present and contributes to the increase in crashes in the summer is driver attitudes. There are more incidents of drunk driving in the summer than in the winter. Additionally, drivers in the winter are more likely to be more cautious and prepared with respect to inclement weather in the winter than in the summer.

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