Who Pays You After a Minor Injures You in an Accident?

Who Pays You After a Minor Injures You in an Accident?

Depending on the age of the child who caused your accident and what type of accident occurred that resulted in your injuries, there are a couple of options as to where liability falls. While obtaining compensation from children who cause injury accidents is essentially similar to when an accident happens with an adult, there are some differences. Even though this is true, there are still pathways for victims to preserve their legal justice. The effective Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG specialize in all personal injury cases in Arizona, so we know how to navigate these special circumstances to ensure you receive a fair settlement after your accident experience.

Who Pays the Costs Associated with Arizona Accidents Caused by Minors?

Typically, minors aren’t flushed with personal wealth to pay for the costs associated with damages they caused by an accident. This doesn’t mean that victims are out of luck when it comes to obtaining money to help pay for their expenses. In the case of an older minor, one that is able to legally drive, an accident they are responsible for can be covered under the insurance policy they are on. This policy may be their own insurance or that of a parent or employer. 

If a minor is driving and hits you and has either no insurance or not enough insurance to cover your expenses, then most states will put the onerous of the payments on the parents of the minor. Anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 can be put upon the parent’s shoulders. Additionally, it is possible to collect from both the minors policy, if they have one, and the parents combined to cover the sum of your costs.

Not every accident that a minor cause has to be an automobile accident. Other situations where a minor of some age is responsible for causing damages to another party it is possible to seek collection of payment through the minor’s parent’s homeowner’s insurance. The victim or the victim’s Phoenix personal injury lawyer would be dealing with the insurance agency to come to an agreement of a fair payout.

When a qualified insurance company is present to deal with the aftermath of an accident, that makes the process go much smoother for the victim. In cases where there is no insurance to provide coverage, it can get a bit trickier. The victim has every right to pursue a personal injury claim against the minor. Across the country, the majority of the states allow a court to make a judgment determining the amount that the minor is responsible for paying to their victims. When the minor becomes a legal adult, at the age of 18, and they get a job, they will have to begin making payments on that amount. 

Because this process can take a very long time and be especially drawn-out, the amount of effort that goes into pursuing one of these claims is generally only done when the victim is severely injured. In this case, where catastrophic injuries were endured by a victim, it is best advised to seek the help of a skilled Arizona personal injury attorney to handle the case.

Do You Need an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney?

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