Why are Older Motorcyclists More Prone to Death After Accidents?

Why are Older Motorcyclists More Prone to Death After Accidents?

According to studies in 2017, there were 8,715,204 registered motorcycles in the United States. In Arizona, there is an estimated one motorcycle rider for every 36 residents in the state. More than 5,000 motorcycle accident deaths were recorded in 2017.

While the motorcycle population is approximately only 3 percent of all registered vehicles on the road, they made up 14 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2017. Males are the most affected demographic as they account for the majority of motorcycle accident deaths. Additionally, motorcycle accident deaths more commonly affect older riders. This is much different than the statistics in 1975 where the majority, 80 percent of motorcycle crash deaths were under the age of 30. Today, riders who are 50 years-of-age and older are most vulnerable to motorcycle crash deaths accounting for 35 percent of fatalities.

The severity of injuries and the risk of death in a motorcycle crash is high. When a rider hits the road there are several factors that can lead to an accident. If you or a loved one was in an Arizona motorcycle crash, talk to an experienced Arizona motorcycle accident injury lawyer to learn about your options to pursue compensation for your damages.

What Do Older Motorcyclists Have More Motorcycle Accidents?

Why Are Older Motorcyclists More Prone To Death After Accidents?There are a couple of factors that could be the answer to why older motorcyclists are over-represented in fatal motorcycle crashes.  The population riding motorcycles is aging and there may be more older drivers than younger meaning the demographics play a part in the statistics. Another reason may be that those younger riders in 1975 grew up and had families. They stopped riding their motorcycles while they were parents and then got back into riding once their children were grown and they went into retirement. If they don’t have the appropriate training or current practice, they are having much more difficulty operating their bikes.

Then there is the reality of age. Age plays a role in everything we do. As we age our reactions times slow, our vision is not as clear, our hearing is much duller, and many older adults are on multiple medications. The medications could have side effects that affect their health and stability while riding. 

It is important that everyone who is interested in enjoying the freedom of riding a motorcycle the young and the old should consider taking motorcycle safety courses. Even if you have ridden a motorcycle in the past, brushing up on these skills can help you become a more confident and skilled rider, which can reduce your risk of being in an accident. In addition, always wearing your protective gear such as your helmet every time you are on your bike, even for short rides is extremely important.

Where Can You Find An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The experienced bilingual team of Spanish-speaking Arizona serious injury lawyers at ELG will help you with your personal injury claim when you were injured in an Arizona motorcycle accident that was not your fault. Call ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to set up your free consultation at either of our locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.