Why Comas are Catastrophic Injuries

Why Comas are Catastrophic Injuries

Substantial force and impact that comes from car crashes, sports accidents, slip, and fall incidents are just a few examples of the ways that a person can suffer a coma. When the brain is injured, if the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients, or if there is an infection a person can have a coma. A coma is a terrifying condition for a victim but it is also scary for a victim’s friends and family who have to witness their loved one being incapacitated.

When a person is unconscious for a long period of time and they don’t respond to various stimuli, this is considered a coma. Sometimes a coma is done intentionally.  A medically induced coma may be necessary as a course of treatment to help save a patient’s life. There has been much research put into understanding how comas function, when or if a person in a coma will wake up, and how a coma affects a victim after they wake up. Yet, despite all of the studies, there is still a lot that we don’t know.

How Does a Coma Affect a Person?

Comas are Catastrophic InjuriesEvery person responds to trauma or illness related to a coma differently. A patient’s prior health before they endured the trauma which leads to their coma can have a major impact on how they respond to a coma. Additionally, what factors and how a patient entered into a coma also has a role in recovery and lasting effects from the condition.

An example of an injury leading to a coma that can have a permanent and lasting impact on a patient would be if a spine infection caused the condition. After a victim who suffered a coma from a spine infection could have a very long road to recovery. It is not impossible for a victim in this scenario to have to endure months or years to recover. Even at the point where a medical doctor has determined that a victim has recovered as much as they can, they may still be in bad shape. A person can reach their maximum recovery potential and yet be disabled or have decreased physical abilities that they did not have before their accident.

Another example of a coma causing long-term damage to a person’s life would be when the condition puts a person into a vegetative state. To stay alive, the person must be in constant care in a hospital-like facility where they are hooked up to machines for breathing, eating, and eliminating waste. When a person has gone into such an extreme and deep coma, the likelihood that they will fully come out of their vegetative state is only 50%. Even if they do manage to come to consciousness they are at high risk for suffering life-long disabilities and impairments.

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