Why Drowsy Driving Puts Everyone on the Road in Danger

Why Drowsy Driving Puts Everyone on the Road in Danger

Sleeping less to do more has become a cultural norm in the United States. There is a large number of drivers on the roads that are driving in a sleep-deprived state and because of this are a hazard not to just themselves but to others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that in 2013, there were approximately 72,000 crashes resulting in 800 fatalities in the country associated with drowsy drivers. 

The actual amount of drowsy drivers on the road is unclear, as many won’t admit to doing it or don’t believe that their behavior qualifies as unsafe drowsy driving. According to researchers, up to 1.2 million crashes every year may be attributed to drowsy drivers. If you have been hit by an inattentive and negligent driver you have rights. The Arizona automobile accident injury attorneys at ELG have represented a countless number of victims of car accidents in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. ELG will provide you with the legal representation you need so you can obtain the financial compensation you deserve to recover.

What Causes Drowsiness in Drivers?

More than 22 million Americans do not get enough restorative sleep and approximately 70 million have some sort of sleeping disorder. If a driver does not realize they are one of the many millions who are struggling with a sleeping disorder they aren’t going to think they are at increased risk for an Arizona car accident when they are on the roads. In addition to sleep disorders, some medications can cause drowsiness. While warnings on certain drugs caution that driving isn’t safe, there are those individuals that will simply ignore the notifications and drive anyway.

It is very difficult to combat the problem of drowsy driving. People who need to get to work or who are eager to get home, for instance, will disregard the hazards of drowsy driving so they can get to their destination. Professional drivers are also more vulnerable to drowsy driving because, in order to make a living, driving is an essential part of the job. The trucking industry is notorious for having issues with drowsy drivers. This is why hours-of-service rules have been put in place so that truckers have guidelines for rest and breaks.

Do You Need the Help of a Phoenix Automobile Accident Attorney?

Why Drowsy Driving Puts Everyone On The Road In DangerDrowsy driving is very dangerous. This behavior has been compared to drunk driving as there are many similarities between the abilities of an inebriated driver and those of a drowsy driver. Both have decreased reaction times, poor awareness and attentiveness, and an inability to properly judge situations on the road. Drowsy driving, like drunk driving, is reckless. When you are excessively drowsy you will be more easily distracted and your performance behind the wheel will be lessened.

The responsibility of paying for medical care to help you with your injuries, managing property damage costs, and dealing with emotional distress after a car accident that was not your fault should not fall on your shoulders. Negligent parties that caused you to harm must be held accountable. Call the Arizona personal injury lawyers at ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation. Our Phoenix serious injury attorneys will help you build a successful personal injury claim.