Why Teens are the Most Vulnerable to Crashes

Why Teens are the Most Vulnerable to Crashes

Every parent gets nervous each time their novice children get behind the wheel. They have little experience on the road and even if they are being responsible while driving, there is no control over the behavior of other drivers. One of the biggest challenges that our children face when they are driving is giving into allowing distractions to take their attention away from the act of driving and their environment. According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, during a four year period between 2013 to 2017 lives lost at the hands of teen drivers were close to 3,5000 people. The most treacherous time on the road is when teens are out in full force, during the summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Drivers aged 15 to 18 were examined during the four-year timeframe and there were many causes that contributed to the deadly car accidents including speeding and driving after drinking alcohol. The loss of life in a crash is always a tragedy. If you have had to endure the loss of a loved one in Arizona, the Arizona wrongful death attorneys at ELG can help you pursue an Arizona wrongful death claim. You deserve compensation for the suffering and grief the incident caused you.

Distracted Driving and Teens

All of the crash data points to teen drivers as the most prone to getting into accidents. Inexperience is a reason that can explain this, but engaging in unsafe driving practices like distracted driving is another cause. It is incredibly important to continue to educate children about the dangers of distracted driving. Teen drivers do not need any more obstacles that could put themselves or others in danger when they are operating a motor vehicle.

AAA’s study found that the rate of teens who said that they do read their text messages and emails while they drive was 52%. The study also found that 40% would type and send an electronic message with their phone. Another study showed that in 2015, 58% of crashes that involved teens were directly related to distractions from using their devices. Parents need to not only talk to their teens about the dangers that exist when they allow their phone to take their attention from driving but they also need to act as an example themselves. When a  parent is driving in a car and their children are present, not using a cellphone to check any texts or emails or to send any is equally important. Stopping phone use at all times including when at a stoplight or a stop sign is imperative. Drivers must always pay attention to the road and to their surrounding environment. They must always be alert.

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Why Teens are the Most Vulnerable to CrashesDrivers must use a hands-free device to legally communicate electronically while driving. Under Arizona hands-free laws, a driver is not permitted to use any electronic device that is not hands-free. Distracted driving is negligent behavior and if you are hit by an Arizona distracted driver, it is best to seek the counsel of an experienced Phoenix serious injury attorney at ELG. Call ELG today to schedule your free consultation at (623) 877-3600.