Why Hire An Attorney After An Accident?

Why Hire An Attorney After An Accident?

If you’re in an automobile accident, there may be a lot of thoughts going through your mind. You may find yourself thinking about how to get your car back on the road, what to do about your injuries, how you’re going to return to work, what’s going to happen with your insurance, and what will happen to the other people involved in the crash. You may also be thinking, Why hire an attorney after an accident? With yearly costs of medical bills and work loss in Arizona exceeding $1 billion, those questions are easily justified, but a lot of them have answers that depend on the severity of the crash. One question that can be answered more definitively though is whether or not you should hire an attorney, to which the answer is more than likely, “Yes.”

How Can A Lawyer Help Me After An Auto Accident?

Even if an accident doesn’t seem severe at first, repair bills can add up and injuries, like whiplash or a herniated disc in the back, can present themselves long after the initial crash. Having a lawyer handling your case can make developments like this much easier to resolve as you inform them of the situation. This can also be especially helpful if you’re experiencing problems with your insurance company or another driver’s insurer.

Lawyers Can Help Prove Negligence

If you’re involved in an accident that resulted from the fault of another driver, you need to be able to prove negligence in order to potentially win your case. This is not a matter to be taken lightly, as the costs of medical bills and lost work can financially ruin someone and proving negligence is not a simple matter. A lawyer with experience in auto accidents can perform the discovery process necessary to find evidence to help prove the fault of the other driver and help you settle your case or take it to trial if necessary. Similarly, if you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit, you’ll want to find an attorney to help you defend yourself in the case and avoid paying out damages you were not responsible for.

Comparative Negligence In Auto Accidents

When it comes to automobile accidents, Arizona laws apply a rule of comparative negligence to them, meaning that the parties involved can each be assigned a percentage of the blame and may have to pay a part of the damages of the accident based off of this. So even if the other party involved in your accident is only partially at fault, you may have a chance at recovering some money based on the nature of the crash. Being able to prove the degree of fault is something you’ll want an experienced attorney to help you with, as the more the other party is at fault, the more money you may receive to help with your repair and medical bills.

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