Why Would an Insurance Company Deny Liability?

Why Would an Insurance Company Deny Liability?

Arizona is an at-fault insurance state so if you are in a car accident in Arizona that was caused by another party, you deserve to have your damages and costs paid for through their car insurance. Arizona also operates under a comparative negligence system. This means that every party involved in an accident has the ability to obtain some portion of the final settlement. The amount each party can obtain is reduced by the percentage of fault they are deemed to have. 

If you were in an Arizona car accident where it is very clear that the other party who hit you was the complete cause of the crash, you may think that it will be an easy job pursuing compensation from their insurance provider. You do exactly what you are supposed to do after the collision and that is to call the police to make a report, exchange information, and take a bunch of pictures of the accident scene and your damages. If you are injured, you also contact your medical provider to be seen and listen to the instruction they give you for healing.

It seems pretty simple, and you are sure that when you submit your claim, there is no doubt that it will be paid. Then the insurance company denies liability. How are you supposed to move forward and recover the costs associated with your damages? When you arm yourself with a knowledgeable Arizona automobile accident attorney you will be able to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company. Your attorney will provide you with options for pursuing compensation.

When Does an Insurance Company Deny Liability?

Insurance companies are going to do whatever they must to reduce payments to victims or potentially deny paying victims at all. The bottom line is what the insurance company cares about the most. Saving money and making money is their business, not paying out large settlements. When the insurance company denies liability, that means they do not have to pay for the costs of the damages you incurred after your accident.

Insurance companies try many different strategies to get out of paying victims their due settlements. Sometimes the insurance company will be purposely difficult to work with in the hopes that you become so frustrated you will simply give up your pursuit of compensation. If the insurance company denied liability for your accident, there could be a number of reasons why including:

  •  When a police officer comes to the scene of an accident they will make a report, and often they will cite who they believe was at fault. However, this doesn’t always happen, and when the officer doesn’t include which party was at-fault you will have to prove the other party was responsible for the collision. 
  • The insurance company may say that your damages were there before your accident and not due to your accident which again puts you in a position where you have to prove otherwise.
  • If the other driver’s insurance policy has lapsed they are under no obligation to pay for your damages. When this happens, you will look to your own insurance coverage to try and obtain compensation.
  • You fail to inform the insurance company in the timeframe necessary.

Where to Find an Arizona Automobile Accident Attorney?

Why Would an Insurance Company Deny LiabilityIf you are battling the insurance company trying to obtain your deserved compensation and they are giving you a hard time, the Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG can help. Call the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.