Will Autonomous Cars End Road Accidents?

Will Autonomous Cars End Road Accidents?

There is no end to the number of outdoor activities residents and visitors can enjoy in the state of Arizona. However, across the state, many of the vast open roads do not have sidewalks or safe areas designated for pedestrians. So when you are outside one of the beautiful and scenic roadways you are at serious risk for being hit by a car. Arizona is the second most dangerous state for pedestrians to roam, with as many as 250 Arizona pedestrian fatalities from car accidents in 2018 alone.

Traffic incidents with pedestrians are rising and it is local streets where the majority of the collisions take place. There are many reasons why pedestrian accidents happen. Sometimes it is the pedestrian who causes the accident through their own negligent actions. For instance, if a drunk pedestrian stumbles out into the road and is hit as a result, the pedestrian would likely be found liable for the accident. However, drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely, obey the rules of the road, and be alert to their surroundings. When in a residential neighborhood, driving slowly and keeping a watchful eye on your environment may stop a potential accident with a child who unexpectedly runs out in the street after a ball. If you were speeding or looking at your phone, it would be almost inevitable that combined with a child’s small stature, you wouldn’t see them and could hit them.

Car manufacturers understand how dangerous driving a car is not just for drivers and their passengers but also for others on the roads, including pedestrians. There is a wide array of various safe technology that has been developed to provide drivers with added support and are meant to enhance safety. Cameras positioned in a variety of locations, mirrors, sensors, and alarms are all meant to help drivers have a better grasp of what is happening around them. Yet even though these technologies exist, there are still millions of accidents that happen every year across the country.

Can Autonomous Cars Be Reduce Accidents?

It is hard to tell if cars were universally autonomous that car accidents could decrease as a result. In theory, this is part of the thinking behind why there is growing interest in self-driving cars. Obviously, the more the car can do for the driver, the more reliant the driver will be on the car’s technology and may end up being completely disengaged in the entire driving experience. Even if this is the goal, it is important to remember that technology is only good when it works, and it isn’t foolproof. Technology can fail. This is partly why even today’s autonomous cars also include alerts and requirements that prompt individuals to be involved in the driving experience. They might necessitate a driver’s hands to be on the wheel, as an example.

Where Can You Find Legal Representation in Arizona After a Car Accident?

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