Your Right to Compensation as an Arizona Bicyclist

Your Right to Compensation as an Arizona Bicyclist

If you’ve been in an accident as an Arizona bicyclist, you’re not alone—our state is one of the most dangerous states to bike in; in the wake of your collision, you’re likely to be asking many of the same questions your fellow bicyclists are wondering about, including that of whether or not you can receive compensation for your accident, and if so, how.

Bicyclist Eligibility for Compensation

Bicyclists in Arizona are treated much like any other motorist (while on roads or roadway shoulders), which means they have all the same duties, but also all the same rights and protections, as any other driver. There are special exceptions to these duties and rights of course, given the unique distinctions between bicycles and motor vehicles, but in the event of an accident, bicyclists can file for compensation in the exact same way that someone driving a car can. Most insurance plans will treat bicycles like other vehicles, meaning that you might be able to use your auto insurance even while riding a bike—conversely, if the driver is at fault, you’ll be able to receive compensation from their auto insurance provider via a normal claim. Furthermore, Arizona’s bicycle helmet laws are lax, meaning that if you chose not to wear a helmet and were injured due to that decision, you’ll still be able to recover (albeit to a reduced degree). 

Damages You Can Recover

Your Right to Accident Compensation as an Arizona BicyclistAs a bicyclist, your damages are likely to be far more extensive than any other involved party’s losses; a bike and the person riding it are likely to do little more than cosmetic damage to larger vehicles, whereas the bicyclist might have to deal with a totaled bike and common injuries sustained in bicycle accidents. In general, you’ll be able to recover comprehensive damages if you get into an accident while biking:

  • Any immediate repair or replacement costs for bikes, helmets, possessions, and other such damages.
  • Bills for medical treatment, including hospital expenses, ongoing physical therapy costs, and other such expenses.
  • Travel costs, if losing your bike has forced you to travel via alternate means (such as public transportation).
  • Lost wages of all variety, usually due to having to take time off of work in order to have a smooth recovery.
  • General pain and suffering damages based on the emotional and mental trauma you might experience.
  • Additional intangible damages, such as if you suffered a disability, disfigurement, or permanent loss of quality of life.

Securing Bicycle Accident Compensation in Arizona

Being eligible for compensation in a vague sense and actually receiving that compensation are two completely distinct matters. In order to file a successful personal injury claim, you’ll need to prove the exact extent of your damages, the nature of your accident, and also that the driver was liable for the collision and your resultant injuries, all of which can be difficult tasks on your own.

Our Arizona bicycle accident attorneys can bridge that gap between theory and reality, securing you the compensation you deserve for your damages, whether minor or extensive. Give us a call today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation, and learn more about the unique considerations bicycles present; we can make recovering simple and take the doubts and complexities of the claims process off of your hands.