Your Rights in an Arizona Bicycle Accident

Your Rights in an Arizona Bicycle Accident

Arizona is among the top ten most dangerous states for bicyclists, so you should know what to expect in case of an accident. Almost 90 percent of all bicycle accidents occur in Phoenix and other densely populated cities, with evenings and late nights being the most dangerous times on any given day. If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, your first priority should be to apply first aid and seek out medical treatment, as with any crash. After that, you’ll want to take photos, gather testimonies, and call the police, treating it like you would a collision between two cars. Avoid apologizing during this process, even if it feels disingenuous, as saying sorry can effectively be equated to admitting fault, which can hurt your ability to get full compensation later.

Legal Protection for Bicyclists

Fortunately, Arizona traffic law applies to bicyclists like any other motorist. This means that bicycle riders have all the same duties as other drivers on the road and can be cited for similar causes, such as running red lights, disregarding traffic signs, and failing to bike in an appropriate lane. However, that duty goes both ways; other drivers have a responsibility to know relevant biker laws and drive safely around you, and as such, you enjoy many of the same protections that any other vehicle would. 

There are, of course, exceptions to how laws affect bicyclists and other considerations that are unique to bicycle accident cases, which is why it’s essential to talk to an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Arizona about local traffic policy. 

Insurance Considerations

Bicycles are generally treated like any other vehicle on the road, which means your insurance should apply in case of an accident. This includes underinsured and uninsured motorist protection, in the event that an at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance on hand to fully compensate you for your injuries and any other damages you incur, such as bike and helmet repair costs. This generally acts exclusively in your favor—vehicles and their drivers usually aren’t drastically damaged by a bicycle, whereas bicyclists and their bikes are more frequently severely hurt; if you have to compensate the other driver, you likely won’t have to pay much, yet they’ll have to compensate you extensively if they’re at fault. Your Rights in an Arizona Bicycle Accident

Arizona Bicycle Accident Attorneys Know More

As we mentioned earlier, bicycle accidents are more complex than they might lead you to think. Car drivers and bicyclists often don’t know enough about the laws that govern their interactions, so you should talk to a local bike accident attorney in Phoenix at ELG if you’re involved in a bike crash. Drivers and insurance companies alike commonly discriminate against bicyclists when determining fault and evaluating a claim, but an experienced, compassionate lawyer can level the playing field, securing your settlement in full. Don’t let insurance adjusters lowball you—contact us today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation, whether you need to learn more, hire a legal representative, or just want to discuss your case. We’ll take things off your hands, giving you more time to focus on recovery without the stress of finances hanging over your head.