4 Tips for Safety When Driving with Children

4 Tips for Safety When Driving with Children

Safe, defensive driving is the easiest way to prevent accidents. Though you can’t account for the actions of other drivers on the road, you can ensure that you follow traffic laws and anticipate other drivers’ movements when you’re behind the wheel.

However, when you’re driving with children in the car, it can be more difficult to focus on the road. Especially since a recent study showed that driving with children in the vehicle can be more distracting than using a cellphone and caused drivers to spend more time with their eyes off the road.

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Set the Rules

The most important step for safety is to set ground rules for your passengers. Once your children are old enough, ensure that you’ve given them pointers on safety in the car, from staying in their seat to buckling their seatbelt. Arizona state law requires all children under a certain age and height to be secured in a child restraint device, for example, so make sure your children are aware.

Stay Prepared

Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating the needs of your passengers with snacks, tissues, drinks, and more. Keep these supplies within arm’s reach of the children in your car so that you won’t have to search or dig around to find things when you’re focusing on driving.

Focus on the Road

Ensure that you keep concentration on the road, with your eyes forward and focused at all times. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents, and the easiest way to avoid a serious incident is by making sure you keep your eyes on the road. It may be tempting to reach for a drink to hand your child or break up a fight between children in the car, but these distractions can wait until you’ve safely stopped and parked.

Pull Over

If there’s an emergency while you’re driving your vehicle, pull over the car. It’s better to add time to your tip by pulling over to a safe area than to attempt to solve any issues while you’re still driving your car. Whether a child in your car is sick or needs to stop for another reason, it’s vital to safely stop and park your vehicle before attempting to mediate.

Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Keep these safety tips for driving with children in mind to avoid tragic situations and car accidents. If you’ve already sustained injuries in a car accident, however, contact your attorney as soon as possible to review your options. Your lawyer can help you organize the facts of your case, making the process smooth and stress-free.

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