Are Commercial Truckers Required To Carry Insurance?

Are Commercial Truckers Required To Carry Insurance?

All commercial semi-trailer trucks that drive through states in the country must carry insurance that meets the guidelines set forth by federal law. Federal law dictates the minimum amount of insurance that these interstate trucks are required to have. These federal minimums are a safety net for victims of large truck accidents. They ensure those truck drivers or trucking companies that do not have enough wealth to pay accident victims on their own will have insurance that can do it for them so victims aren’t left with the costs of all the damages they endured after an accident. 

In addition to federal minimums, states also have their own laws regarding insurance coverage for truckers. If you have been injured in an Arizona commercial truck accident there is a high likelihood that you suffered severe damages. Large truck accidents often produce very catastrophic outcomes and for this reason, settlements tend to be larger than they are with a normal crash between two sedans, for example. That isn’t to say two sedans can’t produce massive destruction, but the simple size and weight of a commercial truck spells devastation should it collide with a vehicle significantly smaller in size and stature. The Arizona commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG can examine your case and review all of the details so that you receive a full and fair amount of compensation.

What are the Federal Insurance Coverage Minimums for Truckers?

Are Commercial Truckers Required To Carry InsuranceThe federal regulations for what the minimum insurance coverage must be for truckers is based on weight and cargo type. Any truck that has a gross weight which is 10,000 pounds or more must carry these minimums:

  • Trucks that haul non-hazardous cargo that weigh at least 10,000 pounds must have a minimum of $750,000 of insurance coverage.
  • Trucks that weigh at least 10,000 pounds that are carrying HAZMAT cargo or unstable and explosive materials must have at least $5,000,000 in coverage.

When it comes to trucks that do not meet the 10,000 pound or more weight guidelines, that doesn’t mean they don’t have rules to follow regarding insurance minimums. If a truck weighs less than 10,000 pounds and it is transporting non-hazardous materials, the truck must have at least $300,000 in coverage. If a truck under 10,000 pounds is carrying hazardous or explosive materials, then it still must meet that $5,000,000 coverage amount. These regulations are found in the United States Code of Federal Regulations under Title 49, Section 387.

Despite these minimums which may look high at first glance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration examined the minimums. The FMCSA reported that these minimums were still falling short of what victims need for their costs after a commercial truck accident. Government officials were asked to make adjustments to the minimums which have been in place for 30 years, but lawmakers declined to do so.

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