18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

Why Do Semi-Trailer Accidents in Arizona Have Higher SettlementsAs the U.S. economy continues to grow and the development of Phoenix and Mesa and the surrounding cities is on the rise, the number of tractor trailer trucks on the road in our city will not be diminishing any time soon. Each year in the United States, more than 140,000 injuries are reported as requiring substantial medical treatment as a result of trucking accidents. It is no different in Arizona and Phoenix specifically; more than 10,000 truck and bus accidents are reported each year.

Accidents involving commercial trucks are more likely to cause substantial damage – and most of the time, those impacted are driving smaller vehicles. Due to their weight and size, which make these vehicles typically many times larger than a small passenger car, the impact of these crashes on the vehicles and individuals involved is substantially worse than a car-on-car incident. Statistics show 86% of fatalities and 77% of individuals injured in trucking accidents are driving smaller vehicles when they encounter a commercial truck.

By definition, a trucking accident is not exclusive to semi-trucks or big rigs; other commercial vehicles are often involved, including construction vehicles, delivery vans, work trucks, cement trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

The other element that makes these cases unique is that trucking is a heavily-regulated industry. The factors that tend to lead to accidents of this nature are often things that can be avoided when 18 wheeler truck drivers are acting responsibly.

For those who have been injured in an 18 wheeler trucking accident that was caused by the careless, reckless, or negligent actions of another driver,  you do not need to face this challenging situation alone. You have a right to the best legal representation available to you and you have a right to seek finiancial compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained as a result of the truck accident.

Our  well-respected and knowledgeable lawyers at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS have decades of experience handling these types of complex and complicated legal cases.  We have the time and resources needed to take on even the largest insurance companies. We are available to meet with you in a free consultation to discuss your accident in order to determine whether or not you have the right to pursue a claim. This meeting will give you a thorough explanation of the process to file a trucking accident claim. The law firm at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS will sit down with you to review the details of your case and advise you as to the scope and size of a claim that you may be entitled to. Click here to schedule your consultation today.

What Makes Tractor Trailer Trucking Accidents Complicated

While personal injury cases require diligence, timely filing, and careful attention to represent the full impact of the accident (for a number of reasons), trucking accidents have a unique complexity that should be carefully navigated to ensure full and accurate compensation for those injured in a semi accident.

Because semi trucks can be substantially larger than passenger vehicles, the impact of these accidents often means substantial damages, loss of vehicles, time off work, lingering injuries that may impact your ability to work, and ongoing medical bills that you may be dealing with for years.

Another factor contributing to the complexity of these cases is that, unlike with a vehicle-on-vehicle accident, 18 wheeler truck drivers are employees or contractors of large companies who have legal and compliance teams as well as extensive insurance coverage. These employees work full time to protect their organization and try to avoid overpaying any accident or injury claims. It also means that you are dealing with the multiple parties representing the truck driver, as well as those of any other individuals impacted by the accident.

Thirdly, you are often combining local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Semi truck drivers may not operate solely in the Phoenix area; they may represent a company that operates at a national level, and there are always national regulations over the trucking industry that must be considered.

For all of these reasons, hiring the team at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS is one of the best ways to ensure that you are accurately represented in your claim for a tractor trailer trucking accident. While you are facing complicated medical challenges and are on the road to recovery, our team will be working on your case to ensure that you are fully compensated. Working with a legal team does not mean turning over control of your case. Instead, think of it as finding the right partner to bring additional knowledge and support to your side.

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents in Arizona

Unfortunately, because of the nature of commercial truck driving, there tend to be several common reasons that these kinds of accidents occur. While many drivers responsibly adhere to laws, regulations, and company policies, it just takes one individual to feel compelled to quickly deliver cargo, meet unrealistic expectations, or trying to make up for lost time in traffic, and catastrophic accidents can occur.

Driver Negligence: There are laws on the books that regulate truck drivers and require limits on total drive time, as well as meal breaks, rest stops, arrival times, and other similar metrics. For truck drivers and the organizations they work for, they are attempting to balance these requirements while also monitoring cargo stability, vehicle maintenance, local traffic, unfamiliar roads and more. When a driver ignores any one of these many requirements, the likelihood of accident and injury increases and they become liable for their actions.

Speeding: Even with the additional regulations on the trucking industry, drivers still attempt to make up time. The excess speed coupled with the additional weight and size of the vehicle has monumental impacts on the severity of any accident that may occur.

Distracted Driving: As cell phone use has increased, so have automotive accidents as a result of distracted driving. 18 wheeler trucking accidents are no different, and often, because of the radio systems within a vehicle, as well as other amenities intended to be used when the truck is off the road, truck drivers are at risk of being even more distracted than automobile drivers.

Drowsy Driving: Trucking companies, as well as the drivers that represent them, are often incentivized to meet delivery deadlines early. Already driving long hours, this can mean that drivers become drowsy and the monotony of the road catches up to them putting everyone nearby at risk.

Cargo Shift or Spill: With the size and weight of cargo within large trucks, the likelihood that it shifts, settles or spills over the many miles driven is high. While perhaps not the fault of the driver, the group that packed the truck to ensure items do not shift during transit, causing the truck to change its weight distribution unexpectedly and potentially incite an accident, could be found liable.

Vehicle Failure: While any vehicle is at risk of failure at any time, because of the miles traveled and the strain due to the massive loads carried by a commercial truck, the likelihood of a malfunction or failure rises. In these situations, if drivers do not act in time, or if the driver or company they represent have not taken appropriate precautions to maintain the vehicle, they have put you at risk for the accident that has now occurred.

Steps to Take After a Big Truck Crash in Arizona

Without question, we hope truck accidents do not occur, but unfortunately, they do happen all too frequently. For those who have been involved and injured in a tractor trailer truck accident, there are several steps to help you quickly ensure your safety, wellbeing, and future compensation.

  • Ensure you and the others in the accident are okay and, regardless, seek immediate treatment to address any potential injuries that are lying dormant in the wake of the accident.
  • When discussing the accident and giving your statements, avoid verbally claiming any responsibility for the accident. It is also important to not apologize because you are likely not at fault for this situation.
  • Call for police assistance and obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Exchange contact information and insurance details with everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses.
  • Take photos of the accident including the scene and specific close-ups of damage, as well as broad shots of the vehicle(s).
  • Contact your insurance company but keep the conversation to a minimum.
  • Retain a local semi truck accident attorney who is familiar with Phoenix and Mesa, the local legal system, and who will walk you through the steps of receiving compensation.


ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS works each day to negotiate a fair settlement for you at a time when you will be faced with settlement offers that may be lower or incomplete in addressing your loss. In addition to navigating these conversations and giving you the best legal representative available to you and a voice at the table, we will provide insight and knowledge as to what is appropriate to ask for and what settlements are fair. Should your case go to trial, our team is prepared to represent you each and every step of the way.

Our lawyers have a reputation throughout Arizona as the best personal injury law firm in the area. In fact, we only handle personal injury cases. When it comes to truck accident injuries, we are diligent in ensuring that our clients are represented and compensated for their injury. Our bilingual attorneys understand the stress these trying times cause our clients. It motivates us even more to ensure you win your case. The core values of our organization were created to serve clients in need, just like you. We do our best – and we do not receive a penny unless you do. Click here to speak with one of our attorneys for a better understanding of your rights, potential compensation, and the claims process.

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