Attorney Endorsements

Sergio Escamilla is the most knowledgeable and ethical personal injury attorney that I know. My firm practices in a very limited area of the law and we feel very confident and comfortable in recommending callers and clients over to Sergio when they have a personal injury question or concern. Sergio is respectful and professional with all of our clients and we have always received positive feedback from our referrals…AND almost all of his office is bilingual in Spanish. I even trust him so much that I hired with him on my own case.

Lora J., Elder law Attorney

I have known Sergio Escamilla for many years now and consider him to be a highly trusted, experienced, competent and hard-working attorney. I highly recommend Sergio and have found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful with questions regarding personal injury cases and other matters. Sergio also goes the extra mile to know and communicate with his clients.

Rodolfo R., Personal Injury Attorney

I worked with Sergio for a period and observed his tenacity in representing personal injury clients. He leaves no stone unturned. I now defend personal injury claims, and when our paths eventually cross again, I know the case will require my utmost attention.

Matthew A., Litigation Attorney

I referred a case to Sergio in 2013 for a Spanish speaking client. He exceeded all my and the client’s expectations. He has gone above and beyond in the matter to ensure the most favorable outcome. I look forward to referring many more in the future.

Kaveh M., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

I endorse attorney Sergio Escamilla. He is a truly compassionate, hard working, and skilled lawyer. He is also very friendly and approachable. Anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer will be very fortunate to have Sergio on their side.

Paul K., General Practice Attorney

I endorse this lawyer for all personal injury cases.

Solomon K., Immigration Attorney

Sergio Escamilla is an excellent advocate. He is compassionate, highly skilled and very attentive to his clients. He is a real asset to the local legal community. I give Mr. Escamilla my highest recommendations.

Sam I., Car Accident Attorney

I worked side-by-side with Sergio for over a year. He is dedicated to serving the Hispanic community and represents all his clients with a combination of enthusiasm, professionalism and personal service that results in satisfied clients referring their friends and family members to him. I have found him to be a professional in every sense of the word.

Wayne H., Personal Injury Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

Andrew A., Car Accident Attorne

I endorse this lawyer’s work.

Julio L., Criminal Defense Attorney