Vets & First Responders

VeteransAt ELG, we honor and salute the sacrifice and hard work our Veterans and First Responders contribute to our community and Country. We recognize this may mean missing a child’s birth, being away during holidays, sometimes working day and night to serve, and often times risking your own life to help. At ELG, we are in full admiration of this amazing group and fully extend our deepest gratitude toward them. We recognize the unselfishness and sacrifice they provide to keep us all safe. That’s why, at ELG, we thank you for your service to our Country and communities. At ELG, Veterans and First Responders get a professional courtesy attorney fee reduction in every case we manage for you.


Antonio CeritelliRetired First Sergeant
Antonio Ceritelli
Retired First Sergeant

Additionally, we are very proud to have Attorney Antonio Ceritelli on staff. Antonio is a Veteran, having served twenty years in the Marine Corps. At ELG, Veterans and First Responders have the unique opportunity to be represented by a Veteran who has served our Country and understands the unique needs of Military personal and Veterans. For example, Attorney and Retired First Sergeant Antonio Ceritelli will understand the nuisances and case characteristics involved in using Tri-Care or USAA first-party insurance. Mr. Ceritelli knows these products intimately and is uniquely poised to help Veterans and First Responders. Additionally, Mr. Ceritelli, having completed two combat deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, is exceptionally qualified to assist service members preparing for a deployment or activation in the middle of a case. In these complicated situations, Mr. Ceritelli can develop unique case strategies in ways that only a Veteran Attorney can.

Antonio CeritelliRetired First Sergeant

"We honor and salute the sacrifice and hard work of our Veterans and First Responders"