Are Truckers At Fault for Accidents Occurring After Equipment Failure?

Are Truckers At Fault for Accidents Occurring After Equipment Failure?

Truck accidents often cause serious, sometimes fatal, injuries for victims. When drivers of large tractor-trailers cause accidents, victims are left with exorbitant medical costs and critical injuries. A driver or their trucking company may ultimately be to blame for many of these tragic wrecks. But what happens when a trucker’s equipment fails, causing an accident?

In terms of legal liability, blame depends on the specifics of an accident and what went wrong to cause the accident. When equipment failure occurs and causes a truck crash, assigning fault can get much more complicated.

If you’ve sustained injuries in a truck accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix auto accident attorneys at ELG. Our team of accident lawyers in Arizona is here to help. While not all truck accidents can be avoided, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’ve sustained injuries in a crash caused by equipment failure.

What Happens When Trucking Equipment Fails and Causes a Wreck?

12.25 Are Truckers At Fault for Accidents Occurring After Equipment Failure?Commercial truck braking systems rarely fail. The nature of long-haul trucking ensures that officials design 18-wheeler’s devices to withstand a great deal of use. However, companies must properly maintain these devices and features. If a crash results from failure to brake properly, the fault usually lies with the driver or another employee of the commercial trucking company.

Keep in mind that brakes need proper upkeep and maintenance by the company. The company maintains each truck as part of a larger fleet. If a company does not perform truck maintenance properly, equipment may fail when it otherwise worked properly. For example, hitches may release or break and cause the cargo to fall from the truck. In these scenarios of equipment failure, a trucker’s company may be to blame.

When Are Truckers At Fault for Accidents?

Trucking laws in Arizona require that a trucking company provide standard times for rest, sleep, and breaks for their drivers. Depending on a driver’s weekly hours, they must have downtime to rest and step away from their vehicle. If drivers cause accidents as a result of breaking these rules, they are to blame in a truck accident. But if a company incentivizes its drivers to break the rules, they could be held at fault.

Many times, trucking companies are responsible for driver fatigue. In order to boost profits and fulfill deadlines, companies may force drivers to ignore federally mandated guidelines. As a result, a trucking company may be liable for damages.

Finally, in Arizona, companies must properly load trucks. This is just one part of the truck equipment regulated by law. Properly loaded trucks may require measuring by authorities, who also recheck all straps and equipment. If a company doesn’t balance their tractor-trailers, the truck can roll or the equipment can fall. Improper loads can cause large trucks to jackknife, resulting in a serious accident. Oftentimes, these accidents mean serious injuries or even death in catastrophic cases.

Truck Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Even the best drivers can’t always avoid truck accidents. If you’re injured or your vehicle is damaged in a truck accident, contact our Phoenix truck accident attorneys at ELG. Due to the nature of truck accidents and the negligent actions of drivers or trucking companies, victims must safeguard their legal rights after serious Arizona truck accidents. Call us at (623) 877-3600 for a free consultation and legal representation from our compassionate, knowledgeable attorneys today.