Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

The trucking industry is a vital part of a thriving United States, and in Arizona, it is also important to the state’s growth and economy. At any time of the day, you will see many commercial trucks driving on the roads throughout the state. While driving in Arizona offers you some of the most beautiful scenery, many of the state’s winding roads are very dangerous to traverse. With so many truckers on the roads and with the heightened difficulty of many of the roads, it is not surprising that there is a good portion of the accidents that occur involve large trucks.

In some cases, the truck driver may be at fault. If the driver was driving intoxicated, drowsy, distracted, or if they are speeding, the truck driver can easily be found liable for an accident. Other factors such as if the truck driver was not properly trained can also lead a truck to be more prone to an accident. If the truck was not properly loaded it can easily be thrown off-course by the imbalance of the load it is carrying.  If the company did not thoroughly train and prepare their drivers to safely and properly understand how to operate their truck, not only could the truck driver be liable but so can the company for damages after an accident.

Not every Arizona truck accident is the fault of the truck driver. Other drivers sharing the roads with trucks can behave negligently which can lead to an accident as well. Driving any vehicle takes caution, training, and complete focus on the road, the wheel, and the environment. No matter which party is at fault for an accident, when a large, 80,000 lb. truck collides with a smaller 3,000 lb. passenger vehicle there is likely to be significant damages and injuries especially for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a Phoenix truck accident, call the Pheonix truck accident attorneys at ELG to review your case and offer you options to pursue compensation.

Truck Accident Statistics in Arizona

It is good advice to any driver that when you get behind the wheel to always use caution and follow the rules of the road. Not driving when you are drunk or drowsy is also wise, and minimizing distractions is also very important. When driving near a large truck, try to stay out of the trucker’s blind spots, as this will decrease the chance of an accident. Also, don’t tailgate or swiftly cut a truck off. Trucks are large and heavy and it can be very difficult for a driver to slow down the powerful machine quickly enough to avoid hitting you.

The Arizona Department of Transportation Crash Reports indicates the following accident statistics for 2018 regarding accidents involving semi-trucks and semi-trucks without trailers:

  • There were 2,247 truck-related accidents
  • 58 were fatal crashes
  • 536 were injury crashes

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