Can You Include Future Medical Expenses in Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

Can You Include Future Medical Expenses in Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

When you are building your Arizona personal injury claim after being hit by another driver, your Arizona personal injury attorney will be calculating the total cost of damages you suffered. Some types of damages common with a Phoenix personal injury claim include any medical expenses you incurred, property damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages from being unable to work. 

If your accident was severe enough, you may have sustained injuries that will require you to need long-term care to help you live daily life. Even if you aren’t permanently injured to where you will need extensive care into the future, you may still have been injured badly enough that you require continued care for a specified amount of time past the date when you obtain your settlement. When this happens, your Phoenix serious injury attorney will have to look at all the medical expenses you have already paid as well as those that will be necessary for the future.

How Can You Prove You Will Have Medical Expenses in the Future?

Can You Include Future Medical Expenses in Your Arizona Personal Injury ClaimWhen you are including future medical expenses in your Arizona civil injury suit you won’t have tangible receipts to show the actual costs. For this reason, it is a much more difficult task to get the money you need for the future care your injuries will require. For example, if you must continue with physical or occupational therapy to recover that goes far beyond the date of your settlement, you will still have to account for these appointments in your claim. These appointments are related to the injuries you sustained in your accident.

When your attorney proves that you must have continued medical treatment, therapies, and medicines which is reasonable based on your injuries from your accident, you can include future medical expenses in your claim. However, you are likely not going to be able to obtain compensation for any type of treatment that is speculative. When you have medical records and doctor prescriptions showing that you are on a defined route of treatment to heal this will be helpful in proving your need for compensation to pay for extended medical care.

When catastrophic injuries are sustained in an accident such as severe, and permanent brain damage, the job of proving that future medical expenses are necessary is a much easier proposition. Your Phoenix personal injury lawyer will be working with your healthcare provider to obtain the critical information needed that shows the future damages you are seeking are legitimate and warranted.

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