Car Technology Shown to Cause Distracted Driving in the Elderly

Car Technology Shown to Cause Distracted Driving in the Elderly

The rising amount of in-car technology that is built-in to help us with all our navigational and entertainment needs can be extremely convenient for some, but not for everyone. Some drivers are unable to keep up with the changing technology and understand how to use it. If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy or if all of this technology seems so foreign to you because you are an older adult who didn’t grow up with computer-based systems, figuring out how to use a modern car may not be so intuitive. 

If you don’t know how to use the functions in your car, you are going to have a hard time operating it safely. Further, fiddling with a complicated dashboard can be highly distracting. Studies have shown that the elderly, in specific, have an extremely difficult time concentrating on driving when they can’t figure out how to operate their dashboards for music or directions. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents all across the country.

The United States Census Bureau states that as of July of 2019 individuals aged 65 years and older made up 18% of the population in Arizona. Arizona is an attractive state for retired people to move and because of this, the population of older drivers is growing. If you have been in an Arizona car accident, you may not know that you can sue for compensation to help you pay for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, and even lost wages if you can’t work. The Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG work only on Arizona personal injury claims. We will make sure you see your full legal justice when you have been harmed by another party.

Why Do Older Drivers Have Difficulties With Automobile Technology?

Not only can it be confusing for older adults as to how to use the technology their car offers, but the act of using it can also be disastrous. As we age our bodies slow down and our vision becomes degraded. If an elderly person has to take more time to look away from the road and onto a screen in the car to make out what it is saying, they are less alert to their surroundings. This puts themselves, anyone in their car with them, and others on the road at increased risk for an accident.

A test that was done in collaboration with the University of Utah showed that drivers 55 years-of-age and older took much longer than younger drivers to use vehicle technologies. In the study, older individuals took as much as eight seconds longer to use their car’s technology. While eight seconds may not sound like a lot of time, research shows that not looking at the road for even as little as two seconds will double your chances of being in a crash.

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