Catastrophic Outcomes for Victims of Arizona Commercial Truck Accidents

Catastrophic Outcomes for Victims of Arizona Commercial Truck Accidents

The most common outcome of an Arizona commercial truck accident is complete devastation. It is extremely difficult to walk away from a big-rig accident in Arizona unscathed. These heavy, bulky, and enormous vehicles driving at highway speeds put everyone on the road at high risk for significant injuries and death should something go wrong and cause them to collide with other cars, motorcyclists, or pedestrians. When you have been injured in an Arizona big rig accident, connecting with the right legal representation is essential to ensure you can obtain a fair settlement that encompasses all of your damages. The Arizona commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG have extensive experience helping victims that have been hurt in commercial truck accidents in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

What are the Most Common Serious Injuries that Happen after Commercial Truck Accidents?

Catastrophic Outcomes for Victims of Arizona Commercial Truck AccidentsHundreds of thousands of people sustain catastrophic injuries after collisions with 18-wheelers every year and thousands lose their lives in these incidents annually. The most common life-altering injuries that result after a commercial truck accident include:

  • Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent loss of mobility and bodily functioning. Victims may have to alter the way they live their lives and their quality of life can be greatly diminished. In some cases,  victims may need lifelong medical assistance.
  • Traumatic brain injuries can also lead to significant brain trauma that can have long-term cognitive, motor, and emotional damages. Victims may also suffer comas and prolonged loss of consciousness.
  • Limbs can be crushed, broken, and torn apart. Amputations may be necessary and these situations may also require several surgeries. Even with the surgical interventions, a victim may have to endure constant discomfort.
  • Damage to the neck and the back can cause chronic pain and may not ever fully heal.
  • Disfigurement, scars, and immense pain can all come with burns after an Arizona commercial truck accident.

The physical harm that can befall victims is overwhelming by itself. It isn’t just the bodily injuries that victims must work through. The emotional trauma and shock of such an incident are also quite difficult to overcome. The mental damage that victims sustain may also take long-term medical therapy and even medications. Even under the treatment plan of a licensed medical professional, this mental distress may never be completely alleviated.

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Settlement amounts for victims after they have been through a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident can be very large because the damage is so substantial. If you were badly hurt in a commercial truck accident in Phoenix, you must make sure that your claim includes every bit of harm you suffered after the accident as well as repercussions you will face in the future. The Arizona catastrophic injury attorneys at ELG know how to assemble strong Arizona personal injury claims that leave nothing out. The attorneys at ELG will also hold all liable parties accountable for the damages you suffered. This will improve your chances of obtaining the highest amount of money in your settlement. 

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