Collect Compensation for Your Arizona Accident

Collect Compensation for Your Arizona Accident

Collect Compensation For Your Accident In Arizona

Driver error is the reason behind the vast majority of traffic accidents in Arizona, therefore it is important to make sure you are able to Collect Compensation for Your Arizona Accident.  Driving is a serious task that takes attention, responsibility, and defensiveness to be safe on the road. This means that every time you get behind the wheel respecting the rules of the road, not allowing for any distractions, and having a sharp and awake mind is necessary to stay safe. Humans are flawed by nature, and when it comes to an activity that is done so frequently like driving, drivers may slack a bit and make mistakes. A simple misjudgment can lead to devastating and even life-ending results on the road.

Unraveling an Arizona car accident can be challenging and complicated. There are many situations when there is more than one party who is liable for the incident. For example, in Phoenix commercial truck accidents, just on the trucking side alone there can be many entities that are responsible for paying for a victim’s damages. If you are trying to collect compensation from a settlement, it is important to determine liability.

What Happens If You Had Some Fault in Your Arizona Car Accident?

Collecting Compensation if You Were Partially At-Fault for Your Arizona AccidentLet’s say a car is speeding and runs a red light. As the car comes rapidly through the intersection you change lanes without seeing them because you were using a handheld device and the two of you collide. The argument may be made that the car that violated the rules of the road by speeding and not stopping at a red light had the most fault for the accident. However, you were unlawfully on your phone while you were driving allowing yourself to be distracted. So, you bear some responsibility for the incident too.

It is best to work with an experienced and seasoned Arizona serious injury attorney who will be able to evaluate your case and provide you with the options you have to collect compensation. Even though you had some amount of responsibility for your accident, your Phoenix personal injury attorney will explain to you how you can still collect compensation from a settlement. The reason why you can recover costs associated with your damages is because of Arizona’s comparative fault system. Any party can collect compensation for the losses they suffered if another party was at least one percent liable for the incident.

Your ability to collect compensation, even if your actions contributed to your accident, won’t be terminated. Rather the amount you can recover will vary based on how much fault you are deemed to own. Your Phoenix car accident attorney will investigate your accident situation along with the insurance company, other lawyers involved in the case, and the courts to come up with a fair determination of fault for all the parties involved. Having an Arizona car accident attorney on your side looking at fault will give you an advantage over trying to establish fault alone. 

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Determining fault is a difficult process with many considerations. If you allow yourself to accept more fault than is fair, you will receive a smaller settlement amount that may not cover all of your costs.

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