Common Distractions That Cause Arizona Truck Accidents

Common Distractions That Cause Arizona Truck Accidents

Distracted driving kills thousands of people annually, and is well known to be incredibly dangerous for both your safety and that of those around you. However, many people fail to realize that truckers can be just as likely to drive distracted as any other motorist, despite the rigorous standards most are held to. Devices like front-facing dashboard cams can somewhat mitigate this risk, but ultimately, any trucker can end up distracted, even if they don’t intend to.

Legal and Illegal Distractions 

Not all distractions behind the wheel are inherently illegal, but let’s start with those that are. Arizona’s texting and driving laws specifically prohibit the usage of devices unless they’re “hands-free,” which means that you can’t support a device with your body at all, whether it be on your lap, tucked against your shoulder, or in your hand. Furthermore, Arizona prohibits the usage of any device (even hands-free ones) to read, write, or send messages, watch videos, use social media, or otherwise distract yourself.

Under these laws, using GPS systems, making and taking hands-free calls, and using the radio are all perfectly legal for truckers to perform while driving, yet that doesn’t make them safe. Using any device, in any capacity, for any period of time can be immensely impairing, even if it takes nothing but your mind off of the task of driving. 

Common Distractions in Arizona Truck Accidents

Truckers can be more likely than other drivers to engage in various distractions for one key reason, namely, the sheer amount of driving they do on a day-to-day basis. Irresponsible truckers may grow bored over time, resorting to music, phone calls, or other types of distracted driving to entertain themselves, compromising their safety in the process. Even responsible drivers might feel that they have no choice but to take calls throughout their shift, as they might lack the freedom in their schedule to do things on their own time.

Distracted Driving in Arizona Truck Accidents 

Distracted driving can be difficult to detect in the context of truck crashes, but not impossible. With the help of a specialized legal professional, you can launch a thorough investigation into a trucker’s activities, using key pieces of evidence to determine whether or not they drove distracted, such as:

  • Eyewitness accounts of either the trucker’s driving behaviors or what they were physically doing in the cabin at the time of the crash, such as looking down at their lap.
  • The truck’s black box data, which can detail unusual drifting or inconsistent speed control that may be indicative of distracted or negligent driving.
  • Cell phone records from the trucker’s personal device, which can outline any messages and calls they may have sent or received.

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