Common Injuries Sustained By Truckers in Accidents

Common Injuries Sustained By Truckers in Accidents

Trucks are immense, dangerous vehicles, and as such, much of the focus on fatal truck accidents is reserved for the vulnerable victims within smaller cars. However, the injuries of truckers can’t be overlooked either. Truckers are, on average, safer in a truck accident than the other victim, but since they do far, far more driving than most motorists, their likelihood of getting into an accident in the first place, or into repetitive accidents, is drastically higher. Drivers in Arizona can file for compensation for the many common injuries sustained in truck accidents, regardless of their level of liability and which vehicle they were in.

Common Injuries Sustained

Truck accident injuries are as varied as they are severe, depending on the particulars of the crash. Truck rollovers are likely to cause different injuries than tanker fires, for example, but in general, these injuries are more common than others among truck drivers:

Common Injuries Sustained By Truckers in Accidents

  • General soreness and pain as a result of any form of soft-tissue trauma or other injuries.
  • Bumps and bruises, while often benign, can also reflect internal bleeding and broken bones.
  • Strains and sprains to various ligaments and joints, the most common of which is whiplash.
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds if a trucker is struck by broken glass or unsecured objects in the cabin.
  • Fractured bones in more severe cases, depending on the speed of the crash and the design of the truck’s interior.

Truck accidents involve fatalities ten times more frequently than any other type of crash, while truck drivers make up only a quarter of all truck accident fatalities. This means that, despite truck drivers being in a minority of deaths, they’re still more likely to pass away in a collision than the average motorist in a two-car crash. 

Talk to an Arizona Truck Accident Attorney

After an Arizona truck accident, both parties will almost inevitably be injured and need financial compensation for their medical expenses and other financial losses. The question of whether or not they can secure that compensation is based on the quality of their attorney and their personal level of liability, as per a concept known as pure comparative fault. Under Arizona’s pure comparative fault system, you’ll be unable to receive compensation in direct proportion to your fault. For example, if you were 25% to blame for the truck crash, you could only recover 75% of your eligible damages, meaning that you should gather as much evidence as possible to minimize your personal liability.

If you were hurt in a truck accident, ELG can help. Determining liability in these types of crashes is a complex affair, but our Arizona truck accident lawyers have the legal resources necessary to build a strong case for your compensation. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf, giving you the time and peace of mind necessary to focus on your recovery. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys at (623) 877-3600, giving you the opportunity to have all of your questions about insurance, truck accidents, and the claims process answered by a compassionate professional.