Do Criminal and Civil Juries Function the Same Way?

Do Criminal and Civil Juries Function the Same Way?

When you think about going to court and that whole process, you are probably visualizing two parties the defendant and the plaintiff sitting in front of a judge and jury. Both civil suits and criminal suits can go to court and have their cases heard. While you may only think criminal cases have juries, civil cases can also have them. There are some differences in how criminal juries and civil juries function.

When you have been in an Arizona injury accident you have the right to pursue compensation through an Arizona personal injury suit. These civil cases are most often settled outside of the courtroom when each party involved can agree on an outcome. However, when the parties involved in the suit cannot come to an agreement, they will start the process of making their way to the court.

The success of your Phoenix personal injury claim and how much you can obtain in your settlement will be determined by a few factors:

  • The severity of your accident
  • How much fault you have, if any
  • How experienced and effective your legal counsel is

The Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG only take Arizona personal injury cases. We are highly knowledgeable in Arizona personal injury law and will help you with your claim after your injury accident.

What are the Differences Between Civil and Criminal Juries?

Do Criminal and Civil Juries Function the Same WayJuries in both types of trials will be in the courtroom listening to both parties present their case. When the defendant and plaintiff’s legal counsel has finished with their closing arguments the jury will have their time to meet alone, without the judge present. During this time, the jury will go over all the information that was presented in the court to make their decision. The guidelines that they must follow while they deliberate the verdict are given to them by the judge before they go into deliberations. Once a verdict has been made, one person in the jury will be responsible for providing the judge with the final decision.

Criminal trials have a much higher burden of proof than civil trials, and because of this, a unanimous decision must be made. Jurors in a criminal case must believe their verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, there is more room for the outcome. It is only required that a majority of jurors agree with the verdict for it to be valid. As long as jurors believe the information presented to them indicated that an outcome was probable or highly likely they can make a decision. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the verdict in a civil trial will not sign it.

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It is more than likely that if you were involved in an Arizona injury accident, that you are not going to go to court. There are several reasons why including the unpredictability of jurors, the cost, and the time. When you work with the Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG you know you will have the skilled legal guidance and representation necessary to see the best possible outcome. Call the Phoenix serious injury attorneys today to set-up a free consultation at (623) 877-3600.