Do Driver-Facing Cameras Improve Large Truck Safety?

Do Driver-Facing Cameras Improve Large Truck Safety?

Technology is providing many industries with more ways to stay safe. Traffic accidents are one of the areas where technology features and products are rapidly developing. This is great news considering how often traffic accidents happen in the United States. Every year there are more than six million traffic accidents and they produce massive death, bodily injuries, and property damages.

Big rig truck accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents because of how heavy and large these commercial trucks are. When an 18-wheeler accident takes place the immense amount of devastation that is produced can be overwhelming for all victims involved. The trucking industry must follow guidelines set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to reduce the dangers they pose while driving on the roads. Additionally, some trucking companies are installing more safety technology in their trucks to aid the effort of keeping the roads safer.

What Are Driver-Facing Cameras?

Do Driver-Facing Cameras Improve Large Truck SafetyDriver-facing cameras are just one type of evolving and advancing technology that has been shown to improve truck driver safety. The way these novel cameras work, is they monitor the truck driver while they are operating their big rig and they can also tape and monitor the surroundings around a driver. Artificial intelligence observes a truck driver’s face and behavior. When AI notices that a truck driver is showing signs that they may be tired, the system will send a signal to the driver. This signal will allow a driver to make the necessary adjustments, such as finding a place for rest, to address the situation. The technology can also allow the drivers trucking company to get the report of what is happening inside the truck.

These video-monitoring systems also can help truck drivers avoid distractions while behind the wheel which is another huge factor for increasing road safety. Trucking companies that are using the technology have reported that it is working. Bison Transport is an example of a trucking company that has experienced success with its drivers after the cameras were installed in their trucks. According to Bison Transport:

  • Driving while tired decreased by 67%
  • Distracted driving decreased by 40%
  • Using a cell phone while operating a big rig was reduced by 97%

Bison Transport is not alone. Many other companies and studies into the effectiveness of using these cameras provided similar results. This promising technology could make a huge impact on road safety if it is widely accepted and implemented by trucking companies all over the nation. Even though the results that these cameras are producing show that they make a significant difference in the actions of a truck driver, there are still those companies that choose not to invest in the systems. Their reasons vary, but companies that choose to go without these cameras often state that they don’t want to discourage truck drivers who do not want any part of being monitored while they work.

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