Do Large Truck Accidents Result in High Settlement Amounts?

Do Large Truck Accidents Result in High Settlement Amounts?

The average large truck accident settlement in Arizona has the potential to be very high because of the massive amount of damage and destruction these vehicles inflict on smaller vehicles and their occupants. When victims in smaller vehicles have to endure a crash with a big rig, the risk for catastrophic injury as well as death increases substantially. With the right legal representation, victims of devastating accidents can obtain large settlement amounts that align closely with the significant damages suffered.

How Can Large Truck Accident Settlement Amounts Be Calculated?

Do Large Truck Accidents Result in High Settlement AmountsEven though any traffic accident can end with massive losses, the aftermath of accidents where large commercial trucks are involved leads to almost immediate annihilation. This is why often, large truck accident settlements tend to average much higher amounts than accidents between smaller passenger vehicles. The factors that go into calculating a settlement include:

  • Who is at fault for the accident?
  • How much property damage was sustained?
  • How much medical treatment was needed and how much will be needed in the future?
  • Did the accident cause victims to miss work and lose wages or advancement opportunities with their careers?
  • How much pain and suffering did the victim have to endure?

When you work with the effective Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG, every single bit of damages you suffered should be accounted for in your Arizona personal injury claim and the attorneys at ELG will make sure that they are. You deserve to obtain your full settlement amount because you will need to recover enough money to help you pay for all of your associated losses. Because of Arizona’s comparative fault system, it will be necessary to prove that the truck driver was primarily the cause of the accident, if not wholly responsible for your accident and your damages. This will yield you the highest settlement amount.

The stronger the evidence showing fault by the truck driver, and when taking into account all of the resulting damages, the stronger the case for more compensation. It is very important to collect as much evidence at the scene of the accident as possible and document all outcomes after the accident. It is also imperative to get in touch with an experienced Phoenix truck accident attorney to handle your case.

Because there can be multiple parties included in your Phoenix personal injury claim when it comes to a commercial trucking accident, managing these cases is much more challenging than passenger car accidents. Not only are there more parties that may be responsible for paying for your damages, but commercial truck accident cases also have to consider federal and state regulations. Also, victims of large trucking accidents will be attacked by truck insurance company lawyers dead set on devaluing your claim or denying your claim. When you have an attorney on your side, fighting back, you have the best chance of winning your claim and maximizing your settlement.

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