Do Seatbelt Laws Apply to Truckers in Arizona?

Do Seatbelt Laws Apply to Truckers in Arizona?

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the most important things you can do as a driver or passenger. According to the CDC, seatbelts help reduce accident injury rates across the country by nearly 50%. Though it may seem intuitive, it’s important to know all seatbelt laws, especially since Arizona seatbelt laws are often enforced and categorized differently from other states. Furthermore, it’s important for truckers and those who drive near commercial trucks on a regular basis to understand specific seatbelt laws for the trucking industry.

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What Are Primary and Secondary Seatbelt Laws in Arizona?

1.15 Do Seatbelt Laws Apply to Truckers in Arizona?First, it’s important to understand how all seatbelt laws work in Arizona. Authorities categorize seatbelt laws into two types: primary and secondary laws. Primary seatbelt laws are those that allow law enforcement to make traffic stops and issue citations for drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts. In layman’s terms, this means that an officer can make a stop solely for a seatbelt law violation without another reason.

For child passengers, Arizona is a primary enforcement state. If you’re driving in Arizona, you must ensure that all children aged 16 years and younger are wearing their seatbelts. Secure children under a certain age and height in a restraint system, such as a car seat. If an officer in Arizona observes any of these seatbelt law violations, they can stop the driver and issue a citation. Each citation may carry a penalty of $50.

In addition to primary seatbelt laws, Arizona enforces secondary seatbelt laws for adult drivers and passengers. All drivers and passengers are required by law to wear seatbelts, but an Arizona officer cannot stop a driver based on seatbelt violations alone. However, if an officer stops a driver for another unrelated violation, they will issue a citation after observing a seatbelt violation.

Police may issue citations to passengers aged 16 and over for failing to wear seatbelts in the front seat. These penalty fines may vary.

Do Commercial Truckers Have to Follow Seatbelt Laws?

These seatbelt laws also apply to truckers in Arizona. It’s a common misconception that truckers don’t have to wear seatbelts since they drive larger, more protective commercial vehicles. However, seatbelt laws for truckers are the same as the laws for other motor vehicle drivers.

If truckers do not wear their seatbelts, they are at much higher risk for serious injuries from an accident. Every year, truck drivers sustain critical injuries, sometimes resulting in death, as a result of not wearing seatbelts.

Truck Accident Attorney in Arizona

Knowledge of Arizona seatbelt laws and regulations is important for keeping you and your family safe on the road. When dangerous auto accidents occur, seatbelt laws can prevent serious injuries and death. If you’ve sustained injuries as a driver or a passenger in an accident in Arizona, contact our Phoenix accident attorneys at ELG. Call us at (623) 877-3600 for a free consultation for legal representation today.