Do Trucking Companies Destroy Accident Scene Evidence?

Do Trucking Companies Destroy Accident Scene Evidence?

It takes evidence to prove how much fault is assigned to a commercial truck driver and trucking company after a serious Phoenix large truck accident.  The more evidence you have the stronger your case will be. If you are able to collect evidence at the scene such as taking pictures and talking to witnesses this will help you build a strong case that demands the most compensation. But truck accidents often have much more evidence on the ground that must be collected.

When it comes to trucking accidents,  gathering evidence can be tricky. Due to the size and weight of large trucks, the aftermath of Arizona truck accidents are typically very destructive. Cleaning up the wreckage and separating out viable evidence is a tall order. Even though it is unlawful for parties to destroy evidence from a crash scene, it still happens. There are countless examples of trucking companies willfully trying to dispose of or hide evidence against them.

Why it is Important to Connect with An Arizona Truck Accident Attorney After An Accident

Do Trucking Companies Destroy Accident Scene EvidenceIn the aftermath of a large truck accident, attorneys and insurance adjusters will rapidly assess the scene to find any way that they can get an upper hand on the incident. They will be looking to reduce a victim’s ability to build a strong injury case against them. While truck companies and their associates are obligated to ensure all evidence is maintained and available, it is common practice for these individuals not to operate honestly within the system.

When victims connect with an experienced Phoenix truck accident attorney, they can better combat these forbidden actions. Your attorney will immediately get started on actions that will protect your legal rights including:

  • Obtain the truck’s black box and any other equipment that may contain information about the accident.
  • Contact the trucking company and let them know a lawsuit will be coming their way and let them know that, under the law, they have to preserve any evidence found at the scene.
  • Engage in numerous other measures to protect all evidence from the accident.

To avoid liability for an accident that has the potential to result in a large settlement to victims, there are some trucking companies that will still engage in illegal acts of evidence tampering and destruction. When called out on their actions, the response given will be that their actions were not intentional, but rather accidental.  To avoid this from happening, fast action by victims connecting with an attorney can help. At the very least, an attorney may be able to argue that the trucking company and their insurance representatives should be sanctioned.

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