Duty of Care for Large Trucks with their Blind Spots

Duty of Care for Large Trucks with their Blind Spots

A large 18-wheeler truck has blind spots in front of their cab, on their right side by about two lanes, on the left of by about one lane, and directly behind the trailer. While trained and experienced large truck drivers are often able to safely operate their big rig without causing any destruction to others that they share the road with, there are many situations where accidents happen. Commercial truck accidents are on the rise. There are many reasons why and one of them is that when a car is driving in a truck’s blind spot, it is essentially invisible to the truck driver. Driving in a commercial truck’s blind spot is especially dangerous and should be avoided when possible.

When you are driving and you are near a semi-trailer truck you should be extra cautious. If you are unable to see the truck’s mirrors you can be certain that the truck driver doesn’t see you. This puts you at increased risk of being hit and sustaining severe bodily harm. If you have been hit by an Arizona 18-wheeler truck in Arizona, call the Phoenix semi-trailer truck accident attorneys at ELG for help with your personal injury claim. The Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG know how to navigate complicated large truck accidents and advocate on your behalf for the financial compensation you deserve.

Who is Liable When a Large Truck Hits a Car Driving in Their Blind Spot?

Duty of Care for Large Trucks with their Blind SpotsThe insurance provider of the trucking company that hit you is undoubtedly going to look at every angle of your accident experience and try to find ways to shift all the blame to you for the collision. One way they may do this is to say that it was your fault the accident happened because you were driving in a blind spot area. This is unacceptable and your Phoenix serious injury attorney will know how to fight these charges against you.

When it comes to driving on the road next to large commercial vehicles, you are not responsible for an accident taking place just because you were traveling in a part of the road that happened to be a blind spot of a truck. It is the truck driver’s job to operate their vehicle with care and responsibility towards others on the road. This includes ensuring any move they make is safe to do so. So if a truck driver wants to change lanes or make a turn, they should do so in a manner that doesn’t put anyone on the road with them at risk.

If you were driving in a truck’s blind spot and were hit by the truck you deserve to be compensated for the harm that you had to endure. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the details of your accident situation to see if the truck driver did not engage in a way where a reasonable duty of care occurred, they are going to be liable for the accident. Likewise, if a trucking company put a truck driver on the road that did not have the appropriate training or they were careless with the driver they hired, the trucking company may also be liable.

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