Electronic Logging Devices for Truck Drivers in Arizona

Electronic Logging Devices for Truck Drivers in Arizona

Whether you’re traveling on highways or residential streets, you most likely come across big rigs or 18-wheelers. Oftentimes, truck accidents involving passenger vehicles can be devastating and particularly difficult to litigate. Because these accidents with oversized trucks and smaller passenger vehicles can have tragic consequences, it’s important to be prepared.

However, drivers who have sustained injuries in truck accidents may have several opportunities when it comes time to file a claim. If you’ve been injured in a commercial truck accident, you can bring an action for damages based on a trucker’s electronic logging device (ELD).

Federally mandated for most commercial drivers, these devices require truck operators to prepare hours-of-service records for their work.

It’s important to know how to handle the aftermath of a truck accident. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix accident attorneys at ELG. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Phoenix is here to help.

What are Electronic Logging Devices?

In the last decade, federal legislation has been in the works to mandate electronic logging devices. The legislation mandates ELD installation for all commercial drivers. As a result, the ELD will keep track of various data points intended to help minimize the safety risks typical of the industry, such as over-scheduling. For example, an ELD keeps track of a driver’s hours logged, their speed, and other relevant data.

Per Arizona regulations for commercial truckers, drivers cannot stay on the road more than 11 hours a day, nor can they work more than 14 hours each day in total. Previously, drivers could manipulate the numbers on their paper sheets. Drivers, encouraged by their companies, would log fewer hours than they actually worked, thus enabling them to travel farther. With the ELD system in place, commercial drivers cannot log more than the maximum amount without a recorded violation.

How Electronic Logging Devices Affect Liability

Electronic Logging Devices for Truck Drivers in ArizonaAfter you’ve sustained injuries in a truck accident, you can utilize a driver’s ELD data to establish liability.

As the plaintiff in an accident claim, you can allege that the driver was negligent, and therefore liable for your injuries. After evaluating ELD data, a lawyer can show that a driver violated their maximum hourly quota for the day or speeding.

Furthermore, you may also prove liability against a trucker’ss employer. Following the ELD implementation, many commercial truckers drive faster to secure their mileage bonuses. If a trucking company is aware that their employees are driving recklessly to achieve these milestones and bonuses, then that employer may be held liable. New ELD regulations mean that companies should change their incentive structure or retrain their employees.

Truck Accident Attorney in Arizona

Even the best drivers can’t always avoid truck accidents. Though staying knowledgeable about trucking regulations is important for all drivers, big rig accidents occur daily on Arizona highways.

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