Getting the Right Photographs After an Accident

Getting the Right Photographs After an Accident

Getting photographic evidence and the right type of documentation after an accident is essential. Although witness statements and notes from the scene are used in accident cases, photos convey important information from the scene. If your case goes to trial, photos can provide jurors with tangible evidence that they can view while deliberating.

For those reasons, it’s vital to document the scene with the right photographs after an accident.

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Accident Scene and Injuries

First, document the entire accident scene with photos taken from an array of angles and viewpoints. This will include your vehicle, the vehicles of the other parties involved, and anything else at the scene of the accident.

Your injuries and the injuries of any other persons involved will need to be documented as well. Take pictures of your injuries, even if they’re minor. Even cuts, scrapes, and bruises will have to be documented.

Property Damage and Vehicles

Next, ensure that you’re taking photos of any property damage that resulted from the accident. This could include concrete barriers or posts that were hit or any other property that sustained damage from the car accident.

If possible, you should also take photographs of license plates, driver’s licenses, and insurance cards of other drivers involved in the accident.

Take photographs of the positions of the vehicles after the crash, including skid and tire marks. The location where the tire marks start, as well as their direction, should also be documented. Furthermore, you should photograph any view obstructions, weather conditions, or traffic signals and signs.

Include important roadway marks in this–whatever can show the position of the vehicles before the accident and during the accident. For example, tire marks, ruts in the road, debris, and any lane markers.

Also, photograph the points of view of all the witnesses and the drivers. These photographs will be essential if your case goes to trial.

Remember the Statutes of Limitations

Remember that you only have a specific amount of time after your accident to bring a case. For example, Arizona’s statute of limitations to bring a case is two years after a crash.

Finally, it’s important to contact your attorney with your documentation. Your lawyer will act as a liaison on your behalf after your crash, communicating with insurance companies and helping you gather your photographs and other documentation.

Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Make sure that you’ve gathered all possible information and your photographs, including the police report, and contact your attorney. Your lawyer can help make your process hassle-free.

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