Hidden Dangers of 18-Wheeler Trucks

Hidden Dangers of 18-Wheeler Trucks

Large commercial trucks that we drive near pose many perils. The first consideration is the risk of catastrophic accidents. If a driver is not trained properly or didn’t take their required rest breaks, they put everyone else on the road at increased risk of an accident. Additionally, a truck could have a defective part or the cargo it carries could be improperly loaded which will through it off balance and lead to a crash.

Semi-truck accidents are incredibly complex because there are many more details to investigate and potentially multiple parties involved than there are in more common crashes between smaller passenger vehicles. Often, the damage that results from 18-wheeler accidents is tremendous and the losses victims suffer are also severe. Victims of Arizona 18-wheeler accidents should meet with an Arizona 18-wheeler accident attorney to ensure that all of their damages are covered and they get the amount of money that they deserve in their settlement.

Can Spilled Cargo Cause Accidents?

Hidden Dangers of 18-Wheeler TrucksNot only are trucks themselves a threat to other cars with respect to accidents, but that is not the only area where they endanger the safety of others. There are also instances where the cargo that they carry can be hazardous. If a truck is carrying HAZMAT and there is a spill, any car that gets caught up in the spill is at risk of fires or chemical toxins released into the environment which could be highly damaging to a person’s health.

If materials that are not hazardous flow from a truck a chain-reaction of traffic accidents can ensue. As cars try to avoid hitting cargo or if cargo flies into a car’s windshield the road can get chaotic quickly. The rapidly changing environment can lead to many cars driving off of the road, crashing into each other or into barriers on the road. 

Victims of Arizona commercial trucking accidents can suffer a wide range of harm. There are federal regulations that exist which are put in place to make it safer for vehicles to travel alongside large trucks. Even though there are guidelines that must be followed by trucking companies and truck drivers, that doesn’t mean this always happens. There are many instances where a truck causes an accident because of a violation of these rules. 

An experienced Phoenix 18-wheeler truck accident attorney will know where to look to gather the information necessary to determine if these guidelines were ignored. A qualified Phoneix commercial truck accident attorney will also know how to scrutinize the entire accident event and find every instance where liability can be assigned to either the truck driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the cargo, or a combination of all of these parties. Doing so, will strengthen a victim’s Arizona personal injury claim and help them obtain as much compensation as possible.

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